Austin helping Ramsey Park’s new trees to keep on growin’

watering_trees2_apr_18_2014Ramsey Park was visited by the truck pictured here on Friday April 18th around 7:30 a.m. This city truck uses reclaimed water to irrigate the 25 trees planted in the park back in November. The employee decline to be photographed but was delighted to learn of the Ramsey Park  fundraising Rosedale residents are doing to enhance the park. The art on the watering truck was promoting and had logos for the city, the parks department and Austin Water.

Help Austin prioritize city pools and splash pads

pooltownhallapr292014Austin wants your opinions about the city’s public pools and splash pads. They’re looking for citizen input to help identify needs and set priorities for Austin’s aquatic facilities and programs. Input will be accepted many ways: in person, by phone, on line, or via texting or tweeting. The town hall will be televised on four different channels and starts at 7pm on April 29th. The complete announcement is below.

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RNA Meeting, April 28th

Yarborough LibraryThere will be a meeting of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association on Monday, April 28th, 2014. The meeting starts at 6:45 p.m. and typically is over by around 8:00. The meeting is held at the Yarborough Branch of the Austin Public Library. All are welcome to come!

Camp Mabry Open House and Muster Day – April 26-27

campmabryopenhouse2104About 1/2 mile west of Rosedale, just on the other side of Mopac (Loop 1) is Camp Mabry and April 26 and 27th will be one of your best opportunities of the year to find out all about the camp. There will be an open house, reenactments of WWII battles, air shows, a band, dancers, demonstrations, and more. Learn more about Camp Mabry and Muster Day on their website, including the schedule of events. The event is free but don’t forget to bring a photo ID for admission onto the post. And even if you don’t take advantage of this event, you’ll undoubtedly hear some of the noise coming from out west.

Another Draught House first: donates $1,000 to Ramsey Park

draughthouse528x417Next time you stop by the Draught House for a pint of somethin’, be sure to THANK them for their support of Ramsey Park. The Draught House is the first of what we hope will be many Ramsey Park business champions, contributing $1,000 or more to help us renovate Ramsey Park.

Want to be a champion too? Learn more at

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Funky Chicken Coop Tour happening April 19th, 2014

funkychickencooptour2014The sixth annual Funky Chicken Coop Tour (FCCT) will be Saturday, April 19th, and headquarters are just a short walk from Rosedale over at the Sunshine Community Gardens. For the poultry sum of $12 you can see Sunshine Community Garden’s own 600 square foot coop, plus a baker’s dozen of other interesting hen houses around town. There’s no connection to the Rosedale Neighborhood Association (other than most of us enjoy eggs from time to time), but there are coops in the neighborhood and they may have even been a part of the FCCT in years past.

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Mopac express toll lane work to see structures soon

mopac_workAccording to a short article April 8th on KLBJ’s website, the express toll lane work on Mopac just completed one small step: lane striping is done. The Mopac Improvement Project manager of information told them that bridge work is next, especially south of 2222. He’s looking for a lot of progress this summer, starting with drainage and other structures. The project is projected to be done in 2016. You can read the full article on the KLBJ site and you can learn more at Mopac Improvement Project’s own site.

Movie Night May 3rd in Ramsey Park: Shrek and lots more!

movie_night_may_3_2014Movie Night is coming back to Ramsey Park! On May 3rd, Shrek, Princess Fiona and their sidekick Donkey will arrive on the big screen to entertain. Festivities will start at 7pm, and the movie will start around 8:15.

Allison Allen has recruited a number of local sponsors to help making this wonderful event possible. Everyone’s invited and green faces, little ogres and Princess Fiona look-alikes are encouraged!

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Minutes for March 2014 RNA meeting posted

weloveramseyparkThe minutes for the March 2014 meeting of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association have been posted. This month’s meeting focused on the planned enhancements of Ramsey park and what the equipment and amenities will be. Costs were detailed, along with projected timing. All of this underscored the importance of additional fund raising to get us to where we need to be to complete the various phases of the plan. Other topics included an upcoming meeting about Austin area pools and this quarter’s Police Commander’s Forum.  Read more.

Repairs start on bridge over Hancock’s Branch Creek bridge

bridgerepair1Last year a car took out a portion of the north side of the art deco bridge on Shoal Creek at Hilwin Circle (between 45th and Hancock). Now work on the repair of the bridge has begun. According to the workman on the site the work should take about a week to complete. Reports from the original accident, back in mid-August, 2013, say that the driver and two passengers walked away with no one being badly hurt.

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