Lamar Central developer donates $10K to Ramsey Park Fund

Lamar Central develop delivers $10K check to Ramsey Park FundAt the annual Ramsey Park pool party on August 23rd, David Bodenman, Vice President of Highland Resources, presented a check for $10,000 in support of the Ramsey Park project.

According to Mr. Bodenman, “We have been a part of this community for more than 30 years and the Lamar Central development only furthers our commitment to positively contributing to the neighborhood and its public spaces. We are delighted to have the
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State moving forward on land at Bull Creek and 45th

Land to be offered for sale at 45th and Bull Creek RoadAccording to an article in the August 23rd Austin American-Statesman, state officials are moving forward with plans to dispose of the largely undeveloped 75 acre tract at 45th Street and Bull Creek Road. According to the article one developer has a proposal in the works and another is considering whether to submit one.

The first step in the process is offering the land at fair market value to local government agencies, such as the city of Austin and AISD.   If nothing comes of that sealed bids would be solicited in September or October.

Nearby neighborhoods, including Rosedale, across Shoal Creek, are described in the article as

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New Route 803 brings new buses to Rosedale stop

rapidrideaustinstationAugust 24th marks the start of MetroRapid’s new Route 803 which serves the shiny new Rosedale bus stop on Lamar between Central Market and Taco Shack. The route runs 15 miles from The Domain and UT Research Campus to the north, and south past the UT West Campus, Museum District, the Capitol, Zach Theatre, and on down to the Westgate Shopping Center. The Rosedale station shares many of the features of other MetroRapid stops, including their silver and red coloring, bench seating, shade and rain protection, lighting, and a digital sign indicating
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End of summer party: Ramsey Pool, Saturday, Aug 23rd, 6pm

It’s been a great summer for hanging out at Ramsey Pool, but the end of the swim season signals time for another Rosedale  pool party. August 23rd from 6:00pm ’til close (8:00pm) the RNA will host its annual neighborhood pot luck. The RNA will provide music, water, soda, and fruit. Neighbors are welcome to bring munchies, a casserole, dessert, or whatever. Come visit, say good-bye to a great year in the Ramsey Park pool, chat about the super start to the park improvements, and enjoy the pool one last time before it closes for the year August 24th.

Minutes for the July 2014 RNA meeting posted

tenoneThe minutes for the July 2014 meeting of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association have been posted. The July 28 meeting featured a visit from two of the candidates for the districts that will represent Rosedale. There was news from Crestmont Park and Ramsey Park, and a review of the Rosedale 4th of July Carnival. An end of the swim-year pool party was planned and there was discussion about the proposed changes to ‘mother-in-law’ garage apartments, a.k.a. ‘Granny Flats’ .

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Lost a cat or dog? Now in Austin, “there’s a map for that”

AustinAnimalCentermapCommunity Impact Austin tells us about a new interactive map from the Austin Animal Center designed to help reunite lost pets with their human family. The map lets users see where strays were found and learn more about each animal. Clicking an animal icon on the map shows a picture of a found stray, the breed and the date the animal was taken in. The Austin Animal Center can get pretty busy, especially after a severe storm or noisy holiday. At times like those, this new interactive map may help speed up reunions between anxious pets and anxious owners. 

First Look at the New Shade Cover

The new shade cover has been installed over the basketball court at Ramsey Park.  It’s great to see it up, we’re already seeing it being used.

Thanks again to all the Friends of Ramsey Park for their generosity.  Pat yourselves on the back! If you want to be part of the effort, please contribute today! We are getting very close to our goal!

Work starts on shade for Ramsey Park basketball court

skeleton for basketball court shade being assembledThe park improvements efforts continue with the start of construction for the shade cover for the basketball court. Ramsey Park enhancement has seen progress in a number of areas of late, with the addition of four benches around the recently upgraded tennis courts and the installation of picnic tables throughout the park. The construction notice signs around the basketball court indicate work should be done by August 1st.