Noise, trees, nominations, variances, and more at Oct 26th RNA meeting

Yarborough LibraryMonday, October 26th, is the next Rosedale Neighborhood Association meeting. Come help the RNA keep Rosedale a great place to come home to. This month’s agenda likely contains issues that affect you. The meeting starts at 6:45 pm at the Yarborough Library on Hancock. As always, all are encouraged to attend and participate.

The agenda for this month’s meeting includes:

  • Local noise issues
  • Tree planting and art event November 7
  • RNA Officer and Steering Committee nominations
  • BOA variance cases for 1403 W. 45th St. and 4217 Shoal Creek Blvd.

Other issues may also come up, including recent activity regarding the development at The Grove, and additional improvements in Ramsey Park. We look forward to seeing you!


Our turn to help Ramsey Park trees on Nov 21. Sign up today.

wateringtreesIf you’ve been out at 6 a.m. recently you may have seen the city watering the newer trees in Ramsey Park. Using reclaimed water, they place six buckets (with lots of holes) around each tree to help ensure the correct amount of water is delivered to the tree drip line. Given our current relapse back into drought, and our love of a shady park, the neighborhood owes a big “Thanks!” to the city. One way we can do that, and help ourselves, is to sign up to help plant new trees and mulch existing trees on November 21th. During the event, from 9 a.m. to noon, we will plant 30 new trees and mulch many of the mature trees. The event is a collaboration between the City of Austin Urban Forestry Program and the Rosedale Neighborhood Association. Sign up today to say Thanks! to the city and to help improve our jewel of the Rosedale neighborhood. 

Council Member Pool’s Grove update covers timing, parkland, and more

The following email from Council Member Leslie Pool to District 7 was received on October 9, 2015

Subject: Update on the Grove PUD

Dear Neighbors,

First, thank you for your emails regarding the Grove at Shoal Creek development. I wanted to give you a quick update. On Thursday, the discussion on baseline zoning was postponed indefinitely at Council. As Council nears the end of the calendar year, the indefinite postponement ensures an adequate time to discuss this issue will be found without a specific time deadline.

Discussions regarding development on the site are ongoing and continue to be in-depth. This week, my staff attended the first in a series of meetings between neighborhood group leaders and staff reviewing the proposal. This week’s discussion was with the Parks and Recreation Department and focused on parkland at the site. All parties are working to ensure that Continue reading

Minutes for September neighborhood meeting posted

swim512-3 The minutes for the Rosedale Neighborhood Association meeting on September 28th have been posted. Highlights include: The City’s Swim 512 initiative and call for input by residents; Updates to Ramsey Park (including an art installation, a call for help to plant more trees on November 7th, and four more enhancements coming to the park!); A couple of local zoning issues/variance requests; New news on work being done by the Bull Creek Road Coalition in support of the neighbors who will be affected by the development of The Grove at Bull Creek; and more.  Read the minutes here. Note that the RNA website maintains minutes for most RNA meetings from the past few years.

Art raises its pretty head in Ramsey Park

artheadEarthwoman2Earth Mother, a cheerful painted female head, has emerged from the earth at Ramsey Park. She is planted with plumbago, autumn sage, myoporum, and Mexican feather grass and is sited to watch over all who come to enjoy the park. The artist is Yuliya Lanina. Her work, along with ten other local artists, was selected for 2015 TEMPO, a temporary public art project sponsored by the City of Austin.

Earth Mother will be on display in Ramsey Park through November 30. Other 2015 TEMPO installations can be found all over Austin. Temporary public art plays an important role in attracting new and emerging artists to the City’s public art program.

Ramsey Pool, Park, The Grove and more at Sept. 28 neighborhood meeting

ramseypoolMonday, September 28th, is the next Rosedale Neighborhood Association meeting. Whether you use the pool, the park, or just drive in and out of Rosedale, this month’s agenda contains issues that affect you. The meeting starts at 6:45 pm at the Yarborough Library on Hancock. As always, all are encouraged to attend and participate.

The agenda for this month’s meeting includes:

  • SWIM 512 Neighborhood Talk: City of Austin discussion and solicitation for concerns with Ramsey Pool
  • Ramsey Park update:  Happenings at the park
  • Board of Adjustment Variance Request for 1403 W. 45 St. – Discussion on additional concerns raised by neighbors on this proposed variance request
  • The Grove Development – Update from RNA’s representative to the Bull Creek Road Coalition (BCRC)
  • Nominating Committee – Appoint members to serve on Nominating Committee

The Grove, Ramsey Park key focus of August RNA meeting

BRCR-SIGN-SIDE-2The minutes for the August meeting of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association are now available. The meeting was held on August 26th at the Yarborough Library. As always all were welcome to attend. Topics covered in this month’s meeting included continued improvements to Ramsey Park (with welcome help from a local developer and contractors), another tree planting planned for Ramsey Park, and the evolving plan for the development of the former state property along Bull Creek Road, just south of 45th street. The RNA continues to push for the best possible outcome for Rosedale through a long standing coalition with other neighborhoods (the BCRC) that surround the property. Ways to become more knowledgeable about the project, and how to help ensure the best possible outcome, were discussed. As always this site contains the minutes for this month’s meeting plus minutes of many prior meetings and information on how to attend future meetings.

Council Member Pool helps clarify Grove issues, encourages involvement

On September 5th Leslie Pool, Austin City Council Member for District 7, posted on the Rosedale Yahoo Group to help clarify some issues about The Grove development (former state land at 45th and Bull Creek).
The Grove project has generated a lot of discussion on the Yahoo Group and elsewhere on concerns over traffic, amount of parkland, safety and access. Council Member Pool’s post provides some explanation about who will be making which decisions, and in what timeframe.
Given the potential impact this project can have on surrounding neighborhood, including Rosedale, she encourages the local residents to become informed about the project and to communicate opinion and requests for action to all members of the city council and others. Read the post.

RNA meeting this Wednesday August 26th. Please join us!

bullcreeknewsAugust’s monthly meeting of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association was rescheduled to make it easier to get the kids back to school. This month’s meeting is now being held this Wednesday, August 26th at 6:45 p.m. at the Yarborough Library.  As always, all are encouraged to attend and participate. This meeting’s agenda includes development plans for The Grove at Shoal Creek, the planned fencing around the State Archives/Records Management Building on Shoal Creek Boulevard, and an update on the improvements to Ramsey Park. Please join us and help ensure all these projects end up being as good as possible for the neighborhood and surroundings. Meeting durations vary based on how much there is to discuss and on the interest of the attendees, but we normally try to wind up by 8 p.m.

Ramsey Park Pool Aerator & End-of-Summer Party

Have you been by Ramsey Pool after hours or early in the morning lately and noticed the twin jets of water spraying out over the pool and landing with the relaxing sound of Angel Falls? No, that’s not the city’s attempt to mask the irritating noise from nearbIMG_9395PoolAeratory dumpsters and industrial air handlers. Those fountains are formed by the newly installed aerator donated by the Rosedale Neighborhood Association to the City of Austin and designed to cool the pool in the heat of summer. And thanks to the laws of physics, it works! The formerly tepid soup-temperature water of Ramsey Pool in mid-August has been transformed into a refreshing dip that reminds one of a swimming hole in a shady grotto on the Barton Springs greenbelt. By sending the water into the air overnight, the aerator allows the heat accumulating in the pool by day to dissipate into the cooler night air. The result: water temperatures that are at least 5 degrees cooler. Come try it out before Ramsey Pool closes for the season (gasp) next Sunday, August 23.

The Ramsey Pool aerator was conceived and assembled by Jeff Archer, with plumbing help from Matt Stamm of Cougar Irrigation. The device and related electric work were paid for with 4th of July carnival revenue and Ramsey Park Project contributions. The RNA donated the device to the city and the pool engineers completed the project.  

Looking for the perfect opportunity to test the waters for your own self? Don’t miss the RNA’s annual End-of-Summer Pool Party Saturday evening, 6–8 pm, on August 22. Food, drink, tunes, and cooler than ever thanks to our new aerator!