The Rosedale Neighborhood is close to schools at all levels, both public and private. This page lists information about many of the schools in the area.

Public Schools serving the Rosedale area

The neighborhood is located within the Austin Independent School District [1111 West Sixth Street, Austin, Texas 78703,512-414-1700]. AISD has over 90 schools in the Greater Austin area, which are divided into vertical teams. In a vertical team, many elementary schools feed into several middle and junior high schools, which ultimately feed one or two high schools.

  • To determine the elementary, middle, and high school assigned to a particular address, please visit the school boundaries tool.
  • The Rosedale neighborhood is split between areas, with children whose families live south of 45th Street generally going to Bryker Woods Elementary [3309 Kerbey Lane, 78703, 512-414-2054] and those whose families live north of 45th Street generally attending Highland Park Elementary [4900 Fairview Dr, 78731, 512-414-2090].
  • The corresponding middle schools are generally O Henry Middle School [2610 West 10th St., 78703, 512 414-3229] and Lamar Middle School [6201 Wynona, 78757, 512-414-3217].
  • The corresponding high schools are Austin High School [1715 E. Cesar Chavez, 78703, 512-474-7935] and McCallum High School [560 Sunshine Dr., 78756, 512-414-7505].
  • Children may also apply to the various magnet schools and focus programs.
  • The Rosedale School [2117 West 49th Street, 78756. 512-414-3617], which is part of AISD, is a multi-level school designed for children with special needs.

Specialty Schools near the Rosedale neighborhood

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