Please Sign the Amicus Brief for the Grove Lawsuit

Below is a reminder from BCRC’s Michelle Cheng about the amicus brief. It’s a great way to help the cause without having to spend a nickel or show up at a hearing. Please consider to sign up today and encourage your neighbors to sign up as well.

For info on the issues in the lawsuit, the Statesman ran a front-page story last week that sums it up nicely:

“LAST CHANCE to sign the brief supporting the plaintiffs in the petition rights lawsuit! Signing the brief does not cost anything and does not require you to be present for any of the hearings or trials in the case – it’s basically the legal equivalent of signing a petition supporting the plaintiffs’ fight to have petition rights just like every other citizen of Austin. More information and the sign-up form can be found at the link below. It takes just 10 seconds to sign up! The briefs will be filed next week, so please sign up today! Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Sign up by noon on Thursday, July 28th: