Repairs start on bridge over Hancock’s Branch Creek bridge

bridgerepair1Last year a car took out a portion of the north side of the art deco bridge on Shoal Creek at Hilwin Circle (between 45th and Hancock). Now work on the repair of the bridge has begun. According to the workman on the site the work should take about a week to complete. Reports from the original accident, back in mid-August, 2013, say that the driver and two passengers walked away with no one being badly hurt.

Tire skid marks on the road observed at the time suggested the driver was possibly trying to avoid hitting some animal, something not uncommon in that area. The metal work on the site indicates that the bridge will maintain it’s same distinctive art deco look. It’s reported that this is the second such accident and repair to the same bridge in a number of years (although the previous incident and repair was, by contrast, to the railing on the south side of Shoal Creek).