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RNA’s regular meeting October 8th, 7pm

Rosedale Kitchen & BarThe Rosedale Neighborhood Association meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 8, from 7-9 pm will be held at the new Rosedale Kitchen and Bar at 39th & Lamar (in Lamar Central). More details on meeting logistics will follow.

This meeting will be devoted to discussion of the City of Austin’s proposed rewrite of the Land Development (Zoning) Code, which is slated to be released in a staff report, including maps of the transition zones, on October 4.

Please follow related announcements on the Rosedale Yahoo! group, particularly those from Carl Reynolds, RNA’s zoning and development point person.

We will have city council member representatives at the RNA meeting to help answer our questions and describe the process, including upcoming opportunities for public comment.

I’d like to extend enormous thanks to both Rosedale Kitchen & Bar and Rudy’s Bar-B-Q on North Lamar for their willingness to help RNA out with meeting space.

Thanks Rosedale!

Jeff Archer, RNA President for 2019 

Critical: Please Write City Council About The Grove Before September 22nd

Howdy Neighbors,

As most of you know, there is a large development proposed in our hood called “The Grove” that has been looming over our heads/the listserve for months and months. I know we are all sick of hearing about it, well most of us, but don’t throw in the towel just yet! It is finally coming to a head on September 22nd in front of the City Council (mark your calendars). WOO HOO!

You have just until September 22 to pick a topic, any topic, and PLEASE WRITE THE FOLKS
BELOW letting them know that you would like for them to hold the developers
accountable and build a better project for Austin.

  • The Grove’s entitlement request is for… 1,515 Residential Units and 683,000 sf of commercial/civic development and allows 19,442 new trips per day.
  • If the Grove was granted the same entitlements as Mueller, they would get to build… just 698 Residential Units, 577,000 sf of commercial/civic development and 25 hotel rooms and allow 8,003 new trips per day.
  • If the Grove had the same development intensity as Crestview Station, they would build… just 1,363 Residential Units, 11x LESS commercial development, and allow 9,404 new trips per day at a Transit Oriented Development adjacent to rail.

If you are short on ideas, see bcrc-amendments-table for more inspiration or a simple email with a subject line on your position and location works too.

The “Mailing List” link will email all the appropriate names below:

Mailing List

Or you can click on these names individually if you’d like.

Please Sign the Amicus Brief for the Grove Lawsuit

Below is a reminder from BCRC’s Michelle Cheng about the amicus brief. It’s a great way to help the cause without having to spend a nickel or show up at a hearing. Please consider to sign up today and encourage your neighbors to sign up as well.

For info on the issues in the lawsuit, the Statesman ran a front-page story last week that sums it up nicely:

“LAST CHANCE to sign the brief supporting the plaintiffs in the petition rights lawsuit! Signing the brief does not cost anything and does not require you to be present for any of the hearings or trials in the case – it’s basically the legal equivalent of signing a petition supporting the plaintiffs’ fight to have petition rights just like every other citizen of Austin. More information and the sign-up form can be found at the link below. It takes just 10 seconds to sign up! The briefs will be filed next week, so please sign up today! Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Sign up by noon on Thursday, July 28th:

Need emails, and showing for Environmental Commission Review of The Grove

Please email the environment commission by Wednesday of this week
requesting a truly superior Grove at Shoal Creek development. That’s when the
commission will be reviewing the superiority of the environmental aspects of The
Grove at Shoal Creek Planned Unit Development (PUD). City zoning requires a
PUD development be superior in many aspects in order to gain the very
valuable and flexible PUD zoning designation. We should expect great things
out of PUD applications. We should require significant superiority from The

The Environmental Commission is tasked with looking at the following
elements of The Grove PUD:
– Parks and Open Space
– Heritage and protected tree preservation
– Drainage and flood mitigation
– Water quality protection
– Noise and air pollution (from traffic, etc.)
– Green buildings (LEED, etc.)
…and more,

Currently, the Grove is barely scraping by on minimum levels of city code
requirements. We should expect higher than expected benefits in parkland, tree protection, drainage and flood protection, noise abatement and sustainable practices.
Remember, just last week the City’s Parks Board voted to support staff’s
recommendation of the PUD application by The Grove not being superior on parks.

Personal emails are best! Use the email addresses below to send the
environmental commissioners your priorities, pictures, thoughts and dreams
of a superior Grove PUD. You can get ideas for what to include in your letter here: Your emails matter and will help our goal to “Build a Better PUD!”

If you can, please join your Rosedale neighbors at Austin City Hall Wednesday, June 1st at 6pm
for the commission hearing. Bring friends too! Numbers matter! The developers are offering residents of Westminster Manor a “limo bus” and free BBQ at City Hall for anyone who shows up to support them. We need to exceed their numbers!

Environmental Commissioner email addresses for copying/pasting (note the bc- is a part of the email addresses, don’t remove it):;;;;;;;;;;

If the above email addresses do not copy/paste correctly into your
email client, try this list:,,,,,,,,,,


Cc the City Council in your email. Addresses are below.

Council Member Pool’s Grove update covers timing, parkland, and more

The following email from Council Member Leslie Pool to District 7 was received on October 9, 2015

Subject: Update on the Grove PUD

Dear Neighbors,

First, thank you for your emails regarding the Grove at Shoal Creek development. I wanted to give you a quick update. On Thursday, the discussion on baseline zoning was postponed indefinitely at Council. As Council nears the end of the calendar year, the indefinite postponement ensures an adequate time to discuss this issue will be found without a specific time deadline.

Discussions regarding development on the site are ongoing and continue to be in-depth. This week, my staff attended the first in a series of meetings between neighborhood group leaders and staff reviewing the proposal. This week’s discussion was with the Parks and Recreation Department and focused on parkland at the site. All parties are working to ensure that Continue reading

Council Member Pool helps clarify Grove issues, encourages involvement

On September 5th Leslie Pool, Austin City Council Member for District 7, posted on the Rosedale Yahoo Group to help clarify some issues about The Grove development (former state land at 45th and Bull Creek).
The Grove project has generated a lot of discussion on the Yahoo Group and elsewhere on concerns over traffic, amount of parkland, safety and access. Council Member Pool’s post provides some explanation about who will be making which decisions, and in what timeframe.
Given the potential impact this project can have on surrounding neighborhood, including Rosedale, she encourages the local residents to become informed about the project and to communicate opinion and requests for action to all members of the city council and others. Read the post.

Front page error puts former state land in Rosedale

Community compromise helps shape developmentIf you did a double take when the most recent issue of the Central Austin edition of the Community Impact newspaper arrived in the mail, you’re not alone. A front page article on the Grove at Shoal Creek development, planned for the former state land at 45th and Bull Creek, has the development in the Rosedale neighborhood rather than in Ridgelea, its true home. Rosedale’s top spot in terms of responders to the developer survey regarding possible plans for the land may have contributed to the misunderstanding. Ignoring that error, the article provides some great graphics and helpful information about the project. [Subsequent note: The city recognizes Continue reading

Developer plan for ‘The Grove at Shoal Creek’

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 5.12.23 PMThanks to Alison Beck, a RosedaleNA Steering Committee member who attended the presentation last night, we have the following update on Milestone’s plans for the vacant land. Please take a moment to read through her notes and visit the websites listed. We need input to take back to the developers before they finalize their plans with the City. If you have any questions you can contact me directly at for more info.

Continue reading

Invitation to review BullCreek at 45th conceptual master plan

conceptreviewThe developer of what was state land at 45th and Bull Creek has announced a meeting to review a conceptual master plan. Details of the planned meeting are on the main page of, and in an email sent out by the developer. The meeting will be Thursday, April 2, 2015 from 6pm to 8pm in the Smith Auditorium at Congregation Beth Israel (3901 Shoal Creek Blvd). The invitation indicates that MileStone will review the Conceptual Master Plan for the development of the site.

Survey results, plans shared for Bull Creek/45th Street land

milestone2Milestone Community Builders, the winning bidder for the 75 acres of land at the southeast corner of 45th Street and Bull Creek Road, has released their survey results and shared some of their thoughts and plans. Rosedale topped the list of neighborhoods in terms of participation in the survey. The feedback session was held on February 11th with neighbors being invited by mail, email, and lawn signs. A summary of the meeting is Continue reading