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State land purchaser opens online survey to solicit input

survey[UPDATE: MileStone has closed the survey. ] Rosedale residents, and others, are invited by the purchaser of the 75 acre tract of land at 45th Street and Bull Creek Road to participate in an online survey to provide input on how that land should be developed. The survey, opened by MileStone Community Builders on January 23rd, is essentially the same information Continue reading

State land buyer seeks input via open vision workshops

state landThe buyer of the state land at 45th St. and Bull Creek Road, just west of the Rosedale neighborhood, invites local residents and other interested parties to participate in one of two upcoming “Vision Workshops”.

This invitation letter was posted on the Rosedale listserv electronic bulletin board:

Community Meeting Notice about Bull Creek Vision Workshops

MileStone Community Builders invites you to attend an upcoming Vision Workshop, where we seek to gain Continue reading

February target for state land sale close; final plan still TBD

The sale of state land between Rosedale and MoPac is expected to close in February, per an article in last month’s Statesman. The buyer, Milestone Community Builders, is Austin’s largest locally owned homebuilding firm. They say plans for use of the land will evolve over time but will involve some single-family dwellings.  The company intends to “work closely with the neighborhood associations around the Bull Creek site and with the city of Austin to collaboratively identify the best use for the tract and build an incredible project together”, according to Garrett Martin, Milestone president and CEO. They expect discussions with neighborhoods to start “very shortly.” Read the entire article (note: there may be a paywall).