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RNA Meeting Tuesday, April 2 at Rudy’s

Dear Neighbors,

The Rosedale Neighborhood Association steering committee will hold its regular, now bimonthly, meeting on Tuesday evening, February 5, 2019, at 7 pm and should conclude by 8:30 pm (come at 6:30 pm for dinner if you’d like), at Rudy’s BBQ on Lamar in the Crockett Room (south end of the restaurant).

The agenda will include:

  1. The striping of Shoal Creek Blvd.
  2. The foot bridge over Shoal Creek and survey
  3. HHSC and Austin State Hospital Campus redevelopment
  4. Zoning and development issues

Please sign the petition: Austin, amend The Grove PUD


In anticipation of the PUD for The Grove at Shoal Creek going before Austin City Council on September 22nd, the Rosedale Neighborhood Association strongly urges all Rosedale neighbors (and others) to consider signing the petition (copy below) to help preserve the quality of life in Rosedale and surrounding neighborhoods, and to have The Grove at Shoal Creek developed in a manner appropriate to the site. 

Please follow this link: and submit the petition. Also, consider contacting your neighbors to encourage them to do so, as well.

We have worked to welcome reasonable mixed-use development to the parcel of land at 45th St. and Bull Creek Road since 2012, but developer Milestone/ARG wants greater entitlement on the land that the site can support.

We ask that the City Council work on our behalf to scale back the project to reduce impacts on traffic and flooding and to create an opportunity for more quality park space and affordable housing. We support the efforts of the Bull Creek Road Coalition and its member neighborhoods in trying to bring Common Sense to this approval process. We ask that you address the following concerns in hope that we can arrive at a Win-Win outcome for this PUD:

  1. We support a reduction in the number of homes priced at over one million dollars and a greater emphasis on Affordable and “Missing Middle” housing on the site. Milestone promised 180 units of Affordable Housing for nearly a year, but has fallen back to just 87 units, according to the latest City staff estimate.
  2. We support a 50,000 s.f. reduction in the Retail use from the 150,000 s.f. proposed to diminish Regional traffic demand and support walkability.
  3. We support a 100,000 s.f. reduction in the Office use from the 215,000 s.f. proposed to diminish Regional traffic demand and support walkability.
  4. We support Superior on-site stormwater detention for the project to ensure that no new stormwater will be discharged into Shoal Creek, rather than “fee in lieu.”
  5. We support a 4 acre increase in usable Park space to accommodate the large number of people who will live on the site and the parks-deficient neighborhoods that surround it.
  6. We support a requirement for on-street bicycle lanes on Bull Creek Rd., extending through the intersection of 45th/Bull Creek, rather than the dangerous “multi-use” trail proposed.
  7. We support a 7,500 s.f. reduction in Cocktail Lounge use from the 15,000 s.f. proposed, along with a noise mitigation plan to ensure that the bars are compatible with the neighborhood context.
  8. We do not support any use of 2627 w. 45th St. (aka “The Road House”) as a street or entrance to the PUD.
  9. We support construction of a pedestrian/bike bridge over Shoal Creek, connecting to the Shoal Creek hike/bike trail, fully funded by the developer, rather than the taxpayer-subsidized bridge proposed.
  10. We support a “belt and suspenders” approach to flood prevention along the Idlewild Rd. portion of the site, preferably via a “Greenway” that creates better park access and an opportunity for flood prevention.

Thank you for your time and attention! Rosedale Neighborhood Association This petition will be delivered to: Austin City Council

Mopac improvements: Lots to know (and where to find it)

mopac_workCurious about what’s going on with the Mopac construction? The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has a great newsletter to keep you in the loop on what’s new with Loop 1, but it’s not easy to find. The most recent issue, from April, provides details of a massive bike/pedestrian truss bridge being installed near Parmer, sound walls being installed (or prepped for) along Mopac — including near 35th Street, new higher efficiency, longer lived LED lighting, and more. You can find the current issue, and back issues here (below the form!). And use the form to sign up for future issues. Happy driving and happy reading!

Resurfacing underway 45th at Burnet, elsewhere in Rosedale

roadwork45thburnet2Travel on Burnet, just south of 45th Street, will be tricky as that stretch of road is resurfaced. The work was in high gear early Saturday morning, April 18th. The city public works department site provides a list of streets in Austin that will be maintained through September, 2015.  The PDF is searchable and also lists the current work going on between 40th and 41st on Ramsey. It includes the type of work being done with an explanation of each. The site also includes maps (including Rosedale’s Districts 7 and 10) showing road conditions and priorities for future improvement.

Road closures for Jan. 25 half marathon to affect Rosedale


The 21st annual 3M Half Marathon comes through Rosedale January 25th and with it will come runners and road closures. Starting in far north Austin at 7a.m. the race is scheduled to close parts of Shoal Creek Blvd. and 45th St. from 5:45 a.m. to around 11:20 a.m.  Details are available online for traffic and parking info,  road closure specifics and race route. The run benefits Girlstart and is a Continue reading

State moving forward on land at Bull Creek and 45th

Land to be offered for sale at 45th and Bull Creek RoadAccording to an article in the August 23rd Austin American-Statesman, state officials are moving forward with plans to dispose of the largely undeveloped 75 acre tract at 45th Street and Bull Creek Road. According to the article one developer has a proposal in the works and another is considering whether to submit one.

The first step in the process is offering the land at fair market value to local government agencies, such as the city of Austin and AISD.   If nothing comes of that sealed bids would be solicited in September or October.

Nearby neighborhoods, including Rosedale, across Shoal Creek, are described in the article as

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New Route 803 brings new buses to Rosedale stop

rapidrideaustinstationAugust 24th marks the start of MetroRapid’s new Route 803 which serves the shiny new Rosedale bus stop on Lamar between Central Market and Taco Shack. The route runs 15 miles from The Domain and UT Research Campus to the north, and south past the UT West Campus, Museum District, the Capitol, Zach Theatre, and on down to the Westgate Shopping Center. The Rosedale station shares many of the features of other MetroRapid stops, including their silver and red coloring, bench seating, shade and rain protection, lighting, and a digital sign indicating
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Mopac express toll lane work to see structures soon

mopac_workAccording to a short article April 8th on KLBJ’s website, the express toll lane work on Mopac just completed one small step: lane striping is done. The Mopac Improvement Project manager of information told them that bridge work is next, especially south of 2222. He’s looking for a lot of progress this summer, starting with drainage and other structures. The project is projected to be done in 2016. You can read the full article on the KLBJ site and you can learn more at Mopac Improvement Project’s own site.

Repairs start on bridge over Hancock’s Branch Creek bridge

bridgerepair1Last year a car took out a portion of the north side of the art deco bridge on Shoal Creek at Hilwin Circle (between 45th and Hancock). Now work on the repair of the bridge has begun. According to the workman on the site the work should take about a week to complete. Reports from the original accident, back in mid-August, 2013, say that the driver and two passengers walked away with no one being badly hurt.

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MetroRapid station work to delay Burnet traffic 3/24-28

John-Michael Cortez of Capital Metro let us know that we should expect traffic delays due to the installation of a new MetroRapid bus station.  The station is located near the intersection of Burnet Road and North Loop. The work will begin Monday March 24th and is expected to take three to four days. Additional details were provided, you can read the complete notice below

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