Sustainable Neighborhoods seeks input on why people live in the Burnet Road area

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From Sustainable Neighborhoods: “Please consider taking the following survey on why you live in the Burnet Road area of Austin, and forward the link to friends and neighbors, in particular families with children. (Survey now closed.)

“The survey has been prepared by Sustainable Neighborhoods (, a local community organization that supports balanced demographics and retention of families in the Burnet Road area as new development occurs. Keeping Austin both livable and affordable is a challenge for everybody. Families with children in high-growth urban neighborhoods across the country are under particular pressure. The Burnet Road area is one of the few places left in Austin’s urban core that retains so many great features for families. As the City of Austin begins a major planning effort on Burnet and Anderson this autumn, we want to understand what things will help to keep long-term residents, including families, in our community.”