Crestmont Greenbelt riparian restoration moves ahead

riparianrestorationAustin’s Watershed Protection Department has an ongoing program to do riparian restoration on creeks around Austin and that¬† includes Rosedale’s own Crestmont Greenbelt. This process works to reverse the damage caused by excessive mowing and the resulting removal of native vegetation along creek beds.¬† The goal is to heal urban streams, which results, over time, in a greenbelt network for wildlife and future generations.

The process takes a number of years, but you have to start somewhere. On April 19th the city took the next step, leading a volunteer Boy Scout Troop to install a mulch trail along the Crestmont Grow Zone.

John Clement, Environmental Program Coordinator with the city’s Watershed Protection Department, lead this recent effort and has been helping the neighborhood keep an eye on the progress of the Crestmont Greenbelt.

To learn more about Riparian Restoration check out the city’s riparian restoration site and FAQ. A PDF handed out by the city as a part of a presentation at a 2013 RNA meeting details the theory, science and benefits of doing riparian restoration.