City working on development code, neighborhood planning

community_in_a_box_logo2The City of Austin is working on rewriting our Land Development Code (CodeNext) and is also working on Neighborhood Planning in north Austin. As part of CodeNext, the City is requesting that neighborhoods participate in the “Community Character in a Box” activity. This activity can be a great way to get the neighborhood discussing what Rosedale wants to see in our Neighborhood Plan.

Included below are some general information and links about the City initiatives that were discussed at the RNA meeting on June 23rd at the Yarborough Library.

Gina Allen, on the RNA Zoning Committee, is leading this effort. She asks that anyone who would like to be involved, or have any questions email her. The Rosedale Yahoo Group listserv is a great place to discuss issues of local interest.

Neighborhood Planning in Rosedale

The City of Austin is ready to begin the Neighborhood Planning Process for North Central Austin in the next few months. They are getting ready to work on a Corridor Plan for Burnet Road from 45th Street to Anderson Lane and they will also be working with neighborhoods from 35th Street to Hwy 183 between Mopac and Burnet to develop Neighborhood Plans. Here is the link to the website for more info –

Code Next

CodeNEXT is the new City of Austin initiative to revise the Land Development Code, which determines how land can be used throughout the city – including what can be built, where it can be built, and how much can (and cannot) be built. The process is a collaboration between Austin’s residents, business community, and civic institutions to align our land use standards and regulations with what is important to the community. This initiative to revise the Land Development Code is a priority program out of Imagine Austin, our plan for the future adopted by City Council in 2012. The website has great info and a few webinars to get you familiarized with the Code Next process.

Community Character in a Box – July 31st Deadline

“Community Character in a Box” is a hands-on way for Austinites to get with their neighbors and get involved with CodeNEXT, shaping the Austin we imagine. We need your insight, and who knows your neighborhood better than you? Community Character in a Box is a do-it-yourself kit to capture the assets, constraints, and opportunities for improvement in your neighborhood — documented both with photos and on maps.

Step 1: Discuss & Map Your Community: Gather a group of neighbors for an hour or two to look at your area’s map and identify the places you think are assets, constraints and opportunities.

Step 2: Photograph and Document Your Community: Head out into the neighborhood with your cameras and take photos of buildings, sidewalks, parks, streetscapes – capturing typical conditions and unique aspects.

Step 3: Turn in your Community Character in a Box: Return both your maps and photos to City staff so that your community’s character can help inform the code revision process.