Construction on Ramsey Park tennis courts starts May 6

tenniscourtmay6Work on enhancing Rosedale’s Ramsey Park starts May 6 with the resurfacing of the tennis courts. Please help make this work as successful as possible by keeping everyone off the courts.  Orange safety fencing and tape will cordon off the tennis courts work area. For your own safety and for the safety of this investment, please be sure to stay out of the tennis court area during construction until such time as all safety markers are removed.

Also, be vigilant to help make sure that no one breaches these safety fences. If you see someone in there who is not with Dobbs (the contractor), if comfortable please ask them to leave and/or call 311.

The work will involve resurfacing the tennis courts, putting in new nets, and adding some new stencils. If the weather cooperates the process should take about 10 days and needs to be done before they fill Ramsey Pool for the season.

This Phase I of the park enhancement work is being funded through a grant from the Austin Parks Foundation and some of our mitigation funds. And though the group is thrilled to begin the renovation with the tennis court, they still need YOUR HELP. There is lots of great stuff planned for the park and lots of funds to raise.

Please join your many neighbors and show your LOVE for Ramsey Park by donating.  Remember there is a match currently going on: the Brittain family is matching all donations of $200 or more (up to $10,000).

Visit Facebook at to get the most up to date news about the project.