Council Member Pool’s Grove update covers timing, parkland, and more

The following email from Council Member Leslie Pool to District 7 was received on October 9, 2015

Subject: Update on the Grove PUD

Dear Neighbors,

First, thank you for your emails regarding the Grove at Shoal Creek development. I wanted to give you a quick update. On Thursday, the discussion on baseline zoning was postponed indefinitely at Council. As Council nears the end of the calendar year, the indefinite postponement ensures an adequate time to discuss this issue will be found without a specific time deadline.

Discussions regarding development on the site are ongoing and continue to be in-depth. This week, my staff attended the first in a series of meetings between neighborhood group leaders and staff reviewing the proposal. This week’s discussion was with the Parks and Recreation Department and focused on parkland at the site. All parties are working to ensure that parkland on the site is usable and accessible to surrounding neighborhoods. As Planned Unit Developments must result in development superior to what would occur using conventional zoning, specific discussion centered around what would make the project superior in the eyes of the neighborhoods. Recommendations included enlargements of the neighborhood park, wider linear park areas, and creating more usable flat space. As most of you know, this site has long been used as green space to surrounding neighbors. Ensuring the new development has valuable parkland is one of my priorities.

As a side note, at next week’s meeting on October 15, Council will consider an ordinance to amend parkland dedication fees. Part of this ordinance increases the amount of dedicated parkland required through new residential developments from 5 to 9.4 acres for every 1,000 residents. This change may have an impact on the Grove at Shoal Creek parkland requirements, and we will continue to keep you posted regarding the outcome of that discussion at Council.

City staff reviewers and neighborhood leaders will continue to meet over the next few weeks to discuss issues including: Drainage and Watersheds, Transportation and Traffic issues, Environmental/Heritage Trees, Affordable Housing, and Zoning/Site Plan issues. Capacity is limited at these meetings, though my staff is happy to try and make arrangements for those who wish to attend. Most importantly, please do send us any specific concerns or suggestions, and we will ensure that your concerns are discussed and that your voice is heard.

Please continue to look out for updates from my office regarding these topics, and please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for staying engaged in your neighborhood!



Leslie Pool
Council Member, District 7
Chair, Committee on Open Space, Environment and Sustainability
Austin City Council