Dozens turn out to pitch in on ‘It’s My [Ramsey] Park Day’

itsmyparkdaymarch2015-1226x817More than two dozen people turned out and pitched in to make the city-wide 2015 “It’s my Park Day” a tremendous success here in the hood. On Saturday, to help out the turf and trees in Ramsey Park, volunteers toiled for hours to make mountains of compost and truckloads of shredded bark disappear. The current rain and coming warm weather  should help green up the park. A huge thanks to all who gave generously of their time and energy to help improve this jewel of the Rosedale neighborhood (some pictured here).

Scott Burton lead this project to great success on behalf of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association. Below are details from Scott about what was applied, how much and by whom (and Scott’s personal thanks):

We spread 36 cubic yards of “Texas-Friendly Compost”, which is made from local organic sources by Organics By Gosh who provided the soil amendment for wholesale pricing to this project.

We also spread 6 cubic yards of mulch provided by PARD in rings around  an estimated 25 young trees to help get them through the summer heat. We also moved about 3 cubic yards of gravel to improve the gravel walkway alongside the playscape area and thereby re-using old material on site for a new purpose (the gravel was below the swing sets, which now have a safer engineered mulch under bedding).

PARD also prepared our field with an aereation (poking millions of holes in the turf) before we spread the compost on it so that the benefits of nutrients and healthy soil microbes penetrate into the field).

With about 35 people “putting their back into it” we were able to do a thorough job quickly. Many thanks for that and for the donation of the use of many wheelbarrows, rakes and shovels and a special thank you to Matt Stamm of Cougar Irrigation for providing use and fuel for his power compost spreading machine which really made the day.

Of the volunteer ages that I know of, the ages of the shovelers and rakers ranged from 4 to 74 years old.