Falling limb damages park equipment [updated]

parklimb_c0514 Overnight Sunday May 11th a major limb fell on a bench and playscape at Rosedale’s Ramsey Park. Residents are asked to stay off the equipment until the city can come and remove the limb and assess the damage. [OK now, see update below.] The age of the tree, the drought, and the windy conditions recently may have all been factors. Tree plantings and watering are helping to replace the older trees likely here from the origins of Ramsey park.

Also visible in the park on Sunday were workman doing preparation to the tennis courts to get them ready for the resurfacing. The restoration of the courts are just one part of a much larger effort to enhance Rosedale’s Ramsey Park. Fundraising efforts are underway to ensure that all of the exciting improvements planned for the park can be realized. Please consider to donate today (especially now while there is a dollar for dollar match going on — up to $10,000 — for donations of $200 or more). parklimb0514 parklimb_b0514courtwork0514


As of early Sunday afternoon the limb and all the debris had been removed, the bench had been wrapped in yellow tape to help people know the bench is damaged, and the playscape was again open for business. The RNA is following up with the city to understand the timing for repair of the bench and is pressing the city for an assessment of the condition of all the park’s trees to identify any that appear to need trimming or to be taken down.