The Grove, Ramsey Park key focus of August RNA meeting

BRCR-SIGN-SIDE-2The minutes for the August meeting of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association are now available. The meeting was held on August 26th at the Yarborough Library. As always all were welcome to attend. Topics covered in this month’s meeting included continued improvements to Ramsey Park (with welcome help from a local developer and contractors), another tree planting planned for Ramsey Park, and the evolving plan for the development of the former state property along Bull Creek Road, just south of 45th street. The RNA continues to push for the best possible outcome for Rosedale through a long standing coalition with other neighborhoods (the BCRC) that surround the property. Ways to become more knowledgeable about the project, and how to help ensure the best possible outcome, were discussed. As always this site contains the minutes for this month’s meeting plus minutes of many prior meetings and information on how to attend future meetings.