Modern day ‘Stonehenge’ in Rosedale no mystery

Rosedale StonehengeBig monoliths arranged in circles mean different things to different people. Back in 2,500 BCE, it may have been as close to an Apple Watch as one could get. Today in Rosedale these stones represent another step forward for the Ramsey Park improvement work. A part of Phase I of the master plan, the limestone amphitheater provides blocks to sit on or lean back on.

Most of the blocks are arranged to face the stage while others serve as Flintsones’ style bleachers for Ramsey Park’s newly shaded basketball court. Each of the 35 blocks weighs over 2600 pounds (that’s about 186 stones in the old British system). While we’re not sure the exact size in cubits, in modern US measure they’re 2 feet by 2 feet by 4 feet. The stone work was designed and executed by Native Edge Landscape who graciously gave the Rosedale Neighborhood a good deal on the design work, materials, and labor.

bikersonblocksIn the short time since their installation, kids have been seen practicing their balance, exercisers have used the blocks as stationary steps, and bikers have used the stones as seats and bike props. While the limestone blocks are not likely to be heading anywhere anytime soon, stop by and check them out. They’d be happy for the company.

Check out the Master Plan for other enhancements slated for the park’s future. The neighborhood sends out a huge THANKS! to all of the individuals, families and businesses who have donated to get this project so far along its path. If you’d like to help ensure ALL of the exciting plans come to fruition, please donate to the Ramsey Park fund. There is a one-for-one match (up to $5,000) from Taurus Training and Doggy Play Day and  going on, the inscribed-brick-or-paver program, and you can still get a We Love Ramsey Park sign while supplies last. You can do all three with just one donation. You can also qualify for a brick or paver just by adding to your previous donation to hit one of the clip levels.

Ramsey Draft Site Plan