New exercise equipment available for use in Ramsey Park

Ramsey Park just received another major upgrade for 2015 with the addition of an impressive adult exercise station. It’s located on the west side of the park at 43rd St., not far from the big “Ramsey Park” sign. There are stations for doing dips, chin ups (at four different spots), push ups, sit ups, and leg lifts/body curls. The station includes an instructional sign showing how to use each of the stations and a cement walk to get from the sidewalk to the exercise area. The area is extremely sturdy, ensuring another great amenity for the park for years to come. It’s planted in an attractive base of crushed granite with a wood border (should be getting an upgrade soon to stone). The sign explains that the equipment is intended for adult use only. The RNA (Parks Committee), the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department and your generous donations (plus $7,000 from the Austin Community Foundation) all helped to make this welcome addition possible. Check it out and enjoy the latest enhancement to Rosedale’s Ramsey Park!