New state library fence design more neighborhood friendly

fence2largeAccording to a post on the Rosedale Yahoo Group, Gina and Chris Allen, on behalf of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association, met in July with Mark Smith, director of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

The purpose of the meeting was to talk about the fence being proposed for the state library in Rosedale. Much of the fence was to be parallel to the sidewalk along a very long section of Shoal Creek Boulevard. (The library is the big building in Rosedale on the west side of Shoal Creek Boulevard between the street and Shoal Creek itself, a bit south of 45th Street.) The meeting resulted in a different, much more neighborhood-friendly design.

Here’s Chris’ summary from the post:
“We learned a lot about what the facility does and their changing needs, particularly regarding security.  Due to changes in State and Federal privacy/security rules, they need a fence to secure the facility ASAP, but Mark gave us his sketch for a much more neighborhood-friendly solution that should make the fence a win-win situation. (see attached, with the revised fence line highlighted).  We think it’s a very reasonable alternative to fencing off the whole property at the street.”