Proposed RNA 2017 Steering Committee

Dale Gray, Co-President
TH, Co-President
TBA, Secretary
Karen McLinden, Treasurer


Vicki Almstrum (Chair, Electronic Communications)
Alison Alter (Neighborhood Features; Chair, Parks) [Will resign/withdraw if elected to City Council]
Jeff Archer, role TBD
Allison Beck
Jay Carpenter (Chair, Newsletter)
John Burgess and Sarah Cunningham (Chair, Traffic and Parking)
Sunitha Downing (Neighborhood Features)
Dauphin Ewart
Matt Haney
Bee and Robert Moorhead
Kim Mosley (Electronic Communications)
Dianne Holley Mountain (Electronic Communications and ANC Representative)
Ryan and Kelly Pirkl (Community Relations)
Mac Ragsdale
Richard and Kim Relph (Chair, Neighborhood Events)
Carl Reynolds
Nick and Megan Zappitelli