Ramsey Park Construction Update

Dear neighbors,

It’s exciting to see the progress on the playscape.  After some rain and cold delays, things are moving quickly.  The playscape installation should be finished this week along with the rest of the concrete work on the sidewalks. The playscape fall material should go in the second week of February. All of this is weather (and contractor!) permitting.

And yes, it would be nice if things moved more quickly but this project involves the coordination of several different contractors and several different City of Austin units and is dependent on mother nature’s whims. That said, it will be worth the wait. Thanks for your patience!

Please remember to respect the orange fencing, even if someone (who shouldn’t) has knocked it down. It is for the safety of everyone that these fences are up.  Without fall material underneath the playscape, a fall could be very serious.

We will begin moving forward on further design for phase IV in early March and implement as soon as possible.

Alison Alter
Ramsey Park Renovation Committee Chair