Ramsey Park Pool Aerator & End-of-Summer Party

Have you been by Ramsey Pool after hours or early in the morning lately and noticed the twin jets of water spraying out over the pool and landing with the relaxing sound of Angel Falls? No, that’s not the city’s attempt to mask the irritating noise from nearbIMG_9395PoolAeratory dumpsters and industrial air handlers. Those fountains are formed by the newly installed aerator donated by the Rosedale Neighborhood Association to the City of Austin and designed to cool the pool in the heat of summer. And thanks to the laws of physics, it works! The formerly tepid soup-temperature water of Ramsey Pool in mid-August has been transformed into a refreshing dip that reminds one of a swimming hole in a shady grotto on the Barton Springs greenbelt. By sending the water into the air overnight, the aerator allows the heat accumulating in the pool by day to dissipate into the cooler night air. The result: water temperatures that are at least 5 degrees cooler. Come try it out before Ramsey Pool closes for the season (gasp) next Sunday, August 23.

The Ramsey Pool aerator was conceived and assembled by Jeff Archer, with plumbing help from Matt Stamm of Cougar Irrigation. The device and related electric work were paid for with 4th of July carnival revenue and Ramsey Park Project contributions. The RNA donated the device to the city and the pool engineers completed the project.  

Looking for the perfect opportunity to test the waters for your own self? Don’t miss the RNA’s annual End-of-Summer Pool Party Saturday evening, 6–8 pm, on August 22. Food, drink, tunes, and cooler than ever thanks to our new aerator!