RNA Bylaws Changes Proposed

The Rosedale Neighborhood Association Steering Committee has initiated the process of amending its bylaws. This process is described in Article XII of the current bylaws (https://rosedaleaustin.org/the-rna/by-laws/by-laws-current-version/#article-xii).

The amended bylaws are now open for review and comment by all residents and real property owners in the Rosedale neighborhood. The process requires a period of three RNA meetings, either regular monthly meetings or the annual meeting.

The first meeting in the sequence was the one on Tuesday, November 13. At this meeting, the proposed changes were introduced. This post makes the amended bylaws and motivation documents (both PDF) available via the RNA website. We will distribute a notice to subscribers of the RNA mailing list and are placing a paper copy at Yarborough library. A paper newsletter in early December will further share information about the bylaws updates and process and will also announce the annual meeting.

The second meeting in the sequence will be the annual meeting on December 18. At this meeting, the proposed changes will be open for discussion. At this meeting, we will summarize any discussion that has appeared on the electronic mailing list.

The third meeting in the sequence will take place on February 5, 2019. At that time, we will hear final comments and take a vote from RNA members in attendance.

Proposed bylaws: RNA-by-laws-proposed-20181108
Motivation for changes to the by-laws: RNA-by-laws-motivation-20181108

Questions or comments? Please contact us via president@rosedaleaustin.org.