RNA meeting 11/13/2018 at La Mancha

The Rosedale Neighborhood Association steering committee will hold a neighborhood meeting on Tuesday evening, November 13, 2018, at 7 pm, at La Mancha (2203 Hancock Dr, 78756).  Come dine if you wish or enjoy a drink and snack on us!   We hope the meeting is short and sweet.  The agenda will include:

  1. Planning for the election of RNA officers and steering committee members for 2019.
  2. A discussion of proposed changes to update RNA’s bylaws, including proposals to streamline the annual meeting to select new officers and to update procedures for amending the bylaws, and other changes relating to the RNA’s officers and their roles.
  3. A review of the “local political discussions allowed” policy we used for the Rosedale Yahoo mailing list for this election.

We welcome discussion of anything else Rosedale, so don’t be shy!

Hope to see you there!

Jeff Archer
RNA President for 2018