RNA Meeting Tuesday, February 5 at Rudy’s

Dear Neighbors,

The Rosedale Neighborhood Association steering committee will hold its regular, now bimonthly, meeting on Tuesday evening, February 5, 2019, at 7 pm, at Rudy’s BBQ on Lamar in the Crockett Room (south end of the restaurant).
The agenda will include:

  1. A final vote on proposed changes to RNA’s bylaws, including proposals to streamline the annual meeting to select new officers and to update procedures for amending the bylaws, and other changes relating to the RNA’s officers and their roles.
  2. A discussion of the current status and recent developments related to the proposed footbridge to connect Shoal Creek Boulevard to the Grove on the other side of Shoal Creek.
  3. Discussion of the sidewalks being installed on 45th St, Ramsey, and 44th Street
  4. Brief updates on other local issues, such as the long-term design of Shoal Creek Boulevard bike lanes and the state’s plans for redeveloping the State Hospital.

Hope you can stop by!

Jeff Archer
RNA President for 2019