Rosedale November 2015 newsletter delivered

november2015newsletterThe second 2015 newsletter of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association has gone out. Newsletters are hand delivered, but you can always check out this issue or previous issues on this site.

This issue reviewed the Rosedale 4th of July Carnival, including highlights and thanks to all who helped to make this year’s celebration such a success. The newsletter includes a number of items about Ramsey (and other) parks. There’s an update on what’s been added to Ramsey Park recently and what’s still to come. There are details about the fun ‘art in the park’ that we’ve been enjoying. An item called for help for an event planned (now past) to plant an additional 30+ trees in the park, and an open letter is included from the Greater Austin Parks (GAP) coalition to the Austin City Council expressing a desire that the council update the Parkland Dedication Ordinance. In RNA business, the newsletter announced the annual RNA meeting, along with the officer and steering committee member nominations for 2016. There’s a reminder call for us to pay our 2016 dues ($10 per household) to help continue the association’s work to keep Rosedale a nice place to call home.

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