Statesman: Avoid the bike theft trend in north central Austin

bicycleRosedale is just south of the neighborhood featured in an Austin American-Statesman article this week about a rash of bicycle thefts. Police point to 30 burglaries in the past five months, many of them involving expensive bikes. Speculation is that the thieves are using a variety of techniques to figure out which residences house such high-end cycles, including monitoring smartphone biking apps,  online social networks, Craigslist, and just watching for cars with nice bikes (or even just nice bike carriers).

With losses ranging into the 10s of 1,000s of dollars bike shops and the police are offering good advice on how to avoid being the next target. Suggestions include using a good locks for both the bike and space, installing motion lights, and ensuring any alarms are working and armed. Registering bikes with the police can help get a stolen bike back. And as always, don’t be afraid to call 911 is you see any suspicious activity. Read the entire article (note that the Austin-American Statesman is behind a “pay wall” and you may have to pay to access the original article). Also check out the crime prevention tips on this site.