RNA Activities and Accomplishments

Below are some of the activities, issues, and events that the Rosedale Neighborhood Association has been a part of:

Social Activities and Events

Health and Safety Issues

  • Promote the Austin Neighborhood Watch Program and the National Night Out event.
  • Communicate on a regular basis with City of Austin staff to ensure that all park ADA upgrades are done in a timely manner.
  • Worked with other neighborhoods and groups to stop the medical hazardous waste incinerator from being built at Seton Hospital.
  • Worked with the Heart Hospital to replace the penetrating noise from their air conditioning system with the milder hum that it now produces.
  • Worked actively with the Austin Police Department and utilized our neighborhood listserv mailing list to help end a crime wave of petty theft.
  • Helped bring neighborhood flooding problems to the attention of the City of Austin.

Development and Zoning Issues

  • Worked with developers and other neighborhood groups during the development of Central Park to help ensure compliance with the City and State’s development standards.
  • Mitigated the traffic impact caused by the Central Park development on our neighborhood by working with representatives from the city, state, and developers to get the median built at 40th and Medical Parkway.
  • Participated with Seton Hospital and the City to limit medical district development in appropriate commercial areas that would not encroach into residential areas of our neighborhood.
  • Interviewed citizens and wrote a city-adopted neighborhood plan when the residential cluster of the Alta Vista region of Rosedale was threatened by commercial encroachment. Without intervention, this entire area would have been converted to medical offices and medical support services.
  • Actively participated in the information gathering, planning, and writing of the Austin Plan document.
  • Brought about city enforcement of current zoning restrictions to prevent a psychiatric drug testing facility from locating across from Ramsey Park.
  • Worked with city staff to enforce zoning restrictions so that the Draught Horse could not sponsor regional music festivals that included loud music, inadequate parking, and insufficient restroom facilities.
  • Used compatibility standards to discourage a drive-through bank from locating on seven residential lots on Bailey Lane and Tonkawa Trail.
  • Worked toward maintaining residential homes on 39 1/2 St. when they were they were threatened by uses other than residential.
  • Cooperated with Congregation Beth Israel to develop a mutually beneficial plan for redevelopment of their existing site.
  • Participated with the General Land Office to allow only single family residential development on previously state owned property, on the east side of Shoal Creek Blvd. just south of 45th St.
  • Using Austin’s compatibility standards, worked with other neighborhoods and property owners to discourage a blood plasma center from locating on Burnet Rd. on property adjacent to residential uses.

Neighborhood Improvements

  • Worked with several city departments to ensure that Ramsey Pool would be refurbished when it was closed in July 2000 because of severe water leaks.
  • Cooperate with the City of Austin Aquatics Division to maintain Ramsey Pool and its programs.
  • Raised funds and provided labor in conjunction with the Friends of the Park to purchase and install both the playground equipment and the toddler playscape.
  • Worked with the City Forestry Division to re-tree Ramsey Park.
  • Assisted in establishing a permanent North Loop Library, now known as the Yarborough Library.
  • Prevented the historical log farmstead at 4811 Sinclair from being demolished until a buyer could be found and the property restored.
  • Supported efforts to include Shoal Creek Blvd. as part of a $500,000 pilot program to enhance safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Monitor and remove all graffiti markings in the neighborhood as well as participate with the Austin’s graffiti task force to discourage graffiti in Rosedale.
  • Work with the businesses located in and adjacent to Rosedale to encourage them to limit their employees’ parking in the residential areas of the neighborhood. (Our success with this varies but we do keep trying!).