RNA Meeting Minutes – 2012 February


In attendance:
Aletha St.Romain
Alison Beck
Chris and Gina Allen
Dianne Holley Mountain
George Yang
Gillian Redfearn
Jay Carpenter
Jeff Archer
Joyce Brown
Karen McLinden
Kim Mosley
Mindy Marble
Nicole Wayman
Sandy Marble
Sunitha Downing
Valerie Kaiser
Vicki Almstrum

The meeting began at 6:55 pm at the Yarborough Library


Trail over Shoal Creek: Karen reminded us that at last month’s meeting, Ridgelea had suggested putting in a trail through Shoal Creek near the state library. We support the trail but have not committed any resources. It will be a “rock hop” over the creek, and our official position is that we don’t object to them exploring the idea.

Website: Vicki recommended hosting with WordPress, and the suggestion was made to hire someone to help with the redesign. Motion was seconded and passed. The look of the website should be easy to maintain and to add content. Vicki has proposed an open section for various people to add content.

Park Restoration Funds: Sunitha gave an update on the usage of the park funds that we will be getting as a result of the staging in Ramsey Park. The staging fee is $241,000. She requested funds to use a survey tool to solicit input from the neighborhood on suggestions on ways to use the funds. The funds were approved.

Short Term Rentals (STRS) Pros and cons of STRS were discussed. So far we have heard vigorous “pros” from several individuals but not much regarding the cons. There was concern that over-regulation could lead to black-market rentals.

A volunteer was requested to keep track of all the information as it becomes available. Dianne has been gathering and passing on this info and agreed to continue. (Dianne, is this accurate?)

It was agreed that our role is to follow city guidelines, keep informed on the issue, and to generate discussion.

Austin Clean Sweep is Saturday April 14. No particular activity has been designated for our official participation.