RNA Meeting Minutes – 2012 November

The annual meeting of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association was
called to order at 6:50pm. A quorum of Steering Committee members
was present.

After the meeting the three UT Austin graduate students who are coordinating the
Rosedale History Wiki project were available to help attendees learn how to use the
Wiki and add information about their own houses. We need volunteers to help place
information from the 1995, 1998 and 1999 Rosedale Rambles into the Wiki. Volunteers
please contact Karen: mclindenbaird@gmail.com

Anne Jenkins, Interim Director of Special Education for AISD, and Elizabeth Dickey,
Principal of the Rosedale School, spoke about two bond proposals from AISD. The
school serves students with multiple disabilities and behavioral challenges. Bonds will
contribute money for a new wing; gym addition and storage, library, six classrooms,
ramps, general building repair, restrooms, parking, and other improvements.
ATTENTION DOG PARK users: The “dog park” area will remain, but Ms. Dickey said
that some students will inadvertently pick up and handle dog droppings. We strongly
urge those who use the park to PLEASE pick up after their pets.

Alison, the Ramsey Park Improvements Committee co-chair, gave an update. A concept
plan (a map) is required to go with the master plan. Committee is working with David
Wilson, landscape architect, to create a map and spreadsheet. Any volunteers
interested in helping out would be appreciated. A fundraiser may be needed to address
the approx $550,000 to do all the park improvements. (Note: Staging funds
appropriated for park use is about $240,000)

Dianne said that there is no news or update. She encourages everyone to go to the
Facebook page Bull Creek Road Coalition and “like” it. Seven neighborhoods are
involved in working to shape the future of the site.

Karen gave an overview of RNA activities from 2012. Dianne thanked outgoing officers
and continuing steering committee members. She presented the following slate of
officers and committee members for 2013:
• Co-presidents 2012-2013: Karen McLinden and Mindy Marble
• Co-president 2013-2014: Melanie McLeroy
• Immediate past co-president: Sandy Marble
• Co-secretaries: Aletha St. Romain and Jay Carpenter
• Treasurer: Kim Relph
• Other Steering Committee Members:
o Chris and Gina Allen
o Vicki Almstrum
o Alison Alter
o Yoed Anis
o Jeff and Pam Archer
o Joyce and Mark Brown
o John Burgess and Sarah Cunningham
o Sunitha Downing
o Scott Farnsworth
o Denise Ketcham
o Kim Mosley
o Dianne Holley Mountain
o Richard Relph
o Nicole Wayman
o George Yang

Dianne moved that the slate be accepted, Kim seconded, and all in favor approved.

The RNA treasurer, Kim Relph, submitted a report after the meeting that the RNA has
$13,800 in the bank account. Of that, $10,700 is designated as park funding, $3,100 in
the general fund.
No December meeting. The RNA will meet again in January 2013.