RNA Meeting Minutes – 2012 October

OCT 29 2012

Draught House variance request. Glenda Smith, dentist / owner of the Draft house seeks more parking..  The city has a lease agreement when one business owner leases parking from another business. Current zoning restrictions on the lot adjacent to Draft house prevent this option. She requests a letter of support from the RNA for a variance so that she can legally lease the parking lot. This would give her 69 more spaces.  Will not increase the outdoor seating area.  No decision was made at this time.

8-2-1 District Plan
Ann Kitchen explained the plan known at 8-2-1
that features basic geographic districts: 8 districts with two at-large (anyone can vote for that slot) and one mayor. It breaks up the city into geographic districts and allows dispersed minorities to have better representation. Austin residents vote for 4 council members. Under 10-1 you only vote for 2. You also can vote in every election because the terms are staggered.

Bonds 12-18
Molly Scarborough from Capital Planning Office gave an overview. Bonds are repaid through property taxes. For details on these bonds please go to: www.austintexas.gov/2012bond
Prop12: Transportation and Mobility:
Prop13: Open Space and Watershed Protection
Prop 14: Parks and Recreation
Prop15: Housing
Prop16:  Public Safety
Prop 17: Health and Human Services
Prop 18: Library, Museum and Cultural Arts Facilitiesth
For info on other City of Austin items on the Nov 6 ballot please go to www.austintexas.gov/vote

Proposition1: Building a medical school
Ashton Cumberbatch with Seton spoke in favor of the Medical School and believes that it will benefit Austin in these areas:
• More cost efficient care
• Address doctor shortage and growing elderly population
• Growing Hispanic population and its high rate of diabetes
• Will provide care to those with no health insurance
What it will cost: The typical Rosedale home valued at $350,000 will pay $204 more in taxes yearly, or $2040 over a period of 10 years. The medical school is not projected to be functioning for five to ten years although other beneficiaries of this bond may be functioning sooner.

Sunitha met with PARD officials who made it clear that Ramsey Park project is not a priority. Tree experts did not show up. It will be a while before our park plan is implemented.

Gina gave an update. Had a meeting today with many interested parties. A lot of input was given. No other developers have proposed a plan besides Stratus.

Jay and Vicki will get out a newsletter with the nominations.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30