RNA Meeting Minutes – 2012 September

Sept 24 2012 Monday
RNA Meeting / Yarborough Library

Wiki Project

UT students talked about their Wiki project that will feature historical info about Rosedale. She asked for volunteers to submit photos and information. Please contact them at if you have info you’d like to add. (contact info anyone?)

Bull Creek State Property

Status rep Beau Armstrong discussed their plans to build an HEB and multi family dwellings on the site of the Bull Creek property. This is state owned land that is currently in a wild unspoiled state along Shoal Creek, with a few state buildings along Bull Creek and 45th. They stated that their plan is a preliminary one.

Preserving the Trees

Aletha submitted a short list of guidelines necessary to protect the old mature trees at the site that is being considered for development. She asked the developers and HEB reps to preserve the park area and all the old trees at the site

Ramsey Park Master Plan

Allison (last name?) spoke about the master plan for Ramsey Park improvements. We need to vote on the plan and approve it before we can spend the money. Plan was unanimously approved.

Wizard of Oz in the Park

Allison Allen is proposing a showing of The Wizard of Oz in the park. It would also be a fundraiser for Ramsey Park improvements. Some ideas are for people to wear costumes and bring picnics. She is hoping to attract sponsors.

A Cooler Ramsey Pool

Jeff has coordinated the purchase of parts for an aerator that will circulate the water and shoot it into the air. It helps to keep the water cool and will run at night. It will help to keep the water clear thereby requiring less chlorine. Jeff is building it with Matt Stamm.


Melinda reminds everyone that membership dues are due at next month’s meeting. Steering committee members are reminded to bring their $5.

Happy Birthday Jay

Jay Carpenter shared his birthday pound cake with all attendance and promised a 10% increase in personal wealth to all who partake.

Zoning etc

Gina Allen mentioned that 55,000 apartment units are going in between 183 and 45th in the next few years.