RNA Meeting Minutes – 2013 July

RNA Meeting July 22, 2013


Dale Grey gave an update on traffic-calming projects

• Bailey and 39th: plans are to realign the intersection and to make a raingarden on the site with the purpose of improving water quality. It will be similar to what was done at the intersections of Madison and Woodview, and W. 34th /35th Street.

• 46th and Rosedale and 44th and Marathon: scheduled for traffic circles. Dale estimated that the work would probably start end of August and would take 1-2 months to complete. He sent an email to Darryl Haba explaining how busy our neighborhood is on Halloween and asking that the work be completed by then.

Kim requested that Rosedale Ave between the school and park be repaved due to damage caused by truck traffic from the drainage project. We were told that that was unlikely.


Members of the Park Improvement Committee met with the Parks and Recreation Dept. & Urban forestry Unit. Manuel Flores will be drafting a plan to plant trees at the park.

They plan on planting approximately 40 trees. Ramsey Park was chosen for this project because we have completed our master plan; the money for this project is not coming out of the Ramsey Park mitigation funds, thereby saving us thousands of dollars that we can use for other Ramsey Park improvements. Irrigation will be paid for by the city this fall. Planting is for the perimeter only. Crews will come in and do cleanup of current trees. Stump removal was requested.


Estimated between 400-600 people, a large turnout. We netted $1949. Bake sale was very successful. Mindy expressed need for more volunteers, especially those with young children, since that is who primarily attends the carnival. She suggested more water games and activities for grownups.


Karen reported that Jeff is still working on assembling the aerator. The date of August 24th was tentatively chosen for the end of the summer pool party.


This is an opportunity for citizens and law enforcement to promote awareness of crime prevention, and to strengthen the police/community partnership. Date is Tues Oct 1. For more info please contact http://austintexas.gov/department/national-night-out


Dianne gave an update on the last ANC meeting. Two issues were addressed: 1) rental registration and 2) stealth dorm resolution. Recently, Mike Martinez and Kathie Tovo had brought up an ordinance before council suggesting that there be mandatory rental registration for a trial period for three years, for neighborhoods that have had trouble with violations. Fee would be $25 yearly per address. Other cities have had success with these projects. Stealth dorms present occupancy limit problems. Suggested reduction to 6 unrelated adults in a single home and 2 for a duplex unit. Austin is way behind other cities in enforcing such limitiations.

Neighborhoods can opt out or in. Push for this is coming from neighborhoods that have big problems with these issues.


Recent proposed zoning changes may make it possible for the Draught House to move ahead on their expansion plan if they form a lease agreement with the doctor’s office next door.