RNA Meeting Minutes – 2013 November

Rosedale Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting
Monday Nov 25 2013/Yarborough Library

Meeting was called to order at 6:45 am.

Ted Siff made a presentation on the SCC, of which he is Chief Operating Officer. Ted is a longtime parks and
open space advocate. The SCC is a new organization and all volunteer endeavor.

Its mission: to restore, protect and enhance the ecological, social and cultural vibrancy of Shoal Creek for the people of Austin by engaging the public and partnering with the community. Their motto is: “We can do this together!”
Its vision: Shoal Creek will be a vibrant corridor that integrates the flow of water and people, engages the community, and inspires the public.

Shoal Creek flows from its headwaters at Hwy 183 in the Pickle Research Center to Lady BIrd Lake; it is 11 miles long with a 13 mile watershed.
Rosedale lies within this area. There is a bike way and a trail through 8 miles of the watershed.
SCC recently completed a feasibility study to assess public interest and to identify 6 areas of need.
The study also determined how other city organizations could get involved in the effort.
How can you support the effort:
1. Become a founding member
2. Get involved with SCC activities
3. Consider joining the SCC advisory Board
Please visit their website for more information:

Please send in your dues for 2014. Mail checks to the treasurer :
Kim Relph, 4510 Rosedale Austin 78756.
$10 per family.
Make check payable to Rosedale Neighborhood Association. Thank you!

Emilio and Nancy Nicolas, owners of 4604 Ramsey are requesting a zoning variance.
They removed an old garage on their property when they moved there, and are hoping to build a new single story garage in its place. The city now requires a five foot setback and they are requesting a three foot setback. Chris explained RNA position on such issues, which is: to neither oppose or support such requests unless an adjacent neighbor asks us to intervene, which has not occurred in this case.

Dianne gave a report on the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission recommendations.
North part of Rosedale is in District 7, southern part is in district 10.
45th street is the precinct and dividing line.

Alison gave a report on the Ramsey Park project.
Our master plan has been submitted to the city and we are now in process of a design plan.
Our ability to implement a design depends on our funding. The grant that we have applied for provides matching funds so it is important to generate donations from supporters.
Please consider making a donation to the park plan. Additions include, among others; a new playscape, cover for the basketball court, and a refinished tennis court.
Additions will take place in phases but it would be most helpful to get funding up front.
To contact: ramseyparkproject@gmail.com
To donate: www.austinparks.org/adopter-donations.html. Check the “Ramsey Park” box.

Jeff is working with the city regarding use of the new filter.
There is an electrical problem with the pool and an electrician must be hired to resolve the problem.

Karen submitted the roster of incoming officers for 2014:

2014 President: Jeff Archer
2015/2016 President: Dale Gray
Treasurer: Kim Relph
Secretary: Jay Carpenter/Mindy Marble
Immediate Past Presidents: Karen McLinden, Mindy Marble

A special thank you was extended to our hard working, outgoing co-presidents.

There will be no December meeting. Fourth monday in January (1/20/14) is our next meeting.

A Happy Holiday season to all of our Rosedale neighbors, and thanks to all who work so hard all year to make our neighborhood a nice place to come home to.

Respectfully submitted,

Aletha St.Romain
Outgoing co-secretary