RNA Meeting Minutes – 2013 September

Steering Committee Meeting: September 23, 2013
Meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 by Karen McLinden. A quorum of
RNA Steering Committee was present.

Allison Alter gave a status report of the situation between the city of Austin and
RNA concerning Ramsey Park improvements. Much discussion ensued.

Grants and further funding are being sought. The parks committee is applying for 2 separate grants: one from the Austin Parks Foundation, and one from the
Neighborhood Partnering Program. The deadlines for both grants are Sept.
30th. Alison and Karen have been getting bids from local companies to get a
general idea about costs to submit for the grants and Alison is also collecting
all the data and materials that need to accompany the grants. Time is short for
grant writing and fundraising. The Austin Parks Foundation Grant requests
funding towards basketball and tennis court improvements, creation of a
limestone amphitheater, and additional seating and picnic areas throughout
Ramsey Park. The Neighborhood Partnering Program requests funds for
connectivity trails appropriate for bikes and trikes and a new water fountain
with a dog spout near the restrooms.

Karen talked about the Tree Folks group that puts out little flags for four
varieties of trees in the next six to eight weeks. Neighbors are encouraged to
fill out the postcard provided to request a free tree.

Gina talked about neighborhood planning which started back in 1999. It is a
vision for all neighborhoods to help accommodate growth (density). Most
neighborhoods now have a master plan, and Rosedale has been notified that
our turn has come. The city will be holding a Neighborhood Planning open
house sometime this fall or winter to explain more about the process. Karen
talked about the Land Development Code rewrite process which is in its initial
stages. Listening sessions are being conducted by the City of Austin.

The nominating committee: New co-presidents are needed, as Mindy Marble
and Karen McLinden’s terms are both ending on Jan. 1. Steering Committee
members should contact Sandy Marble, Joyce Brown and Kim Mosley and
also let them know if you would like to serve another term on the steering
committee .

The RNA annual meeting is scheduled for November 25, 2013. The next
newsletter should go out on November 8. Articles and photos are needed
soon for Jay and Vicki to edit.

Allison Allen reminded everyone of the Movie in the Park scheduled
for Saturday the 28th. The feature is E T. (The event was rained out and may
be rescheduled for November).

The meeting adjourned at 7:42 PM.