RNA Meeting Minutes – 2014 June

Rosedale Neighborhood Association monthly meeting:  June 23, 2014

The meeting was called to order by president Jeff Archer at 6:45 p.m. Members and guests introduced themselves.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Task Force
The City Council has requested a task force be formed to evaluate the rules for accessory dwelling units (also called “grannie flats”) within 120 days. Currently a Rosedale lot must be at least 7,000 sf to build a second dwelling of up to 850 sf, and it must have three paved parking spaces total for the house and the separate unit. There is also a 40% FAR (area of building in relation to area of lot) and a 45% impervious cover limitation.

Council is requesting the task force look at changing the requirements by reducing the minimum lot size to 5,750 sf for an accessory dwelling of up to 500 sf. Other requirements may also change. There is a lot of momentum behind the change with ever increasing real estate values resulting in higher property taxes. A possibility exists that neighborhoods could opt in or opt out of new regulations. There may be a neighborhood vote on this issue in the future. The RNA Steering Committee will soon ask neighbors to weigh in on this important issue.

The City of Austin is currently working to update the Land Development Code. More information can be found at http://www.austintexas.gov/codenext and page 59 of this document discussing the “missing middle.” Land Development Code Diagnosis. The City would like neighbors to participate in the “Community Character in a Box” activity where a group of volunteers will walk the neighborhood, take pictures and send them to the city to develop the “character” of the neighborhood. There are online tools to help. Interested people are asked to contact Gina Allen at gina@somearchitect.com.

Neighborhood Planning
The City of Austin has assisted many neighborhoods in developing their neighborhood plan over the last 15 years. The Rosedale Planning area, which is comprised of the Rosedale, Oakmont and Ridgelea neighborhoods, is one of the last areas in the city to participate in neighborhood planning. City Planners hope to meet with neighbors in late August for a Q&A session and then begin planning in late September.

Bull Creek/45th property
More prospective developers are interested in making proposals to the State of Texas. A survey of affected neighbors indicated a preference for low-density development. The State will sell the property outright, probably to the highest bidder. It will not be a lease arrangement as it was with the property that includes Central Market. When the property is sold, the state land will become private land and will need to be zoned and then follow all City of Austin development restrictions.

38th and Lamar development
Lamar Central will be a four-story building on the northwest corner of 38th and Lamar. The project will have first floor retail with three upper floors of Class A office space. Planned completion for the building is fall 2015. The developers held a meeting to explain the project and listen to neighbor concerns about traffic and parking. (Those concerns were addressed in an email that was forwarded to the neighborhood a few days after this meeting.) The property is being built in accordance with all applicable zoning rules so will not require a variance of any sort.

Fourth of July carnival
The Fourth of July carnival still needs volunteers to supervise activities at various booths, sell baked goods and coordinate watermelon eating and water balloon throwing. All interested volunteers are asked to contact Mindy Marble at msmarble@juno.com.

Ramsey Park Project
Fundraising continues for the Ramsey Park renovations. The basketball court shade covering and renovating will occur this fall. We lack only $20,000 of the original goal of $80,000!!  Bricks and pavers are available at certain levels of giving. The newsletter will include a flyer about this permanent recognition available in the park.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.