RNA Meeting Minutes – 2014 May

Rosedale Neighborhood Association
Monthly meeting:  May 27, 2014

At 6:45 PM, President Jeff Archer called the meeting to order.  Introductions of attendees were given.

Alison Alter, the chairperson of the Ramsey Park Renovation Committee, gave a summary of the status of Phase I.  The tennis courts have been resurfaced.  There are still issues with water standing in certain areas after rains but they dry quickly.  There are some issues to be addressed with regards to court usage, including prohibiting skateboard and rollerblade use.  A sign will be erected stating the rules. Seven new picnic tables have been ordered and two are already in the park.

After a large tree branch fell on a bench and the playscape, three trees were slated for removal after initial inspection from the city.  Additional inspections suggest five more may be removed plus trimming of others due to disease and other factors.  Many trees have already been planted in the park and the plan calls for more trees.  The committee plans to apply for an Urban Forestry grant for additional trees.

Basketball court renovation will happen this summer. The committee will determine in the next few weeks whether to re-stripe or resurface. Re-striping is being reconsidered to allow more wear and tear of the court.  A shade cover will allow more frequent use for various activities, some of which would damage a new surface.

Timing on the installation of the limestone amphitheater will be decided in the next few weeks.

Fitness groups use the park and their activity takes a toll on the park.  Verification of those who have City permits has shown some illegal use, mainly from fitness groups failing to renew twice a year.  Enforcement and regulation of large group use were discussed.  The areas they use need to be coordinated around future construction projects.  Residents can ask leaders of groups to see a permit. Approved use of Ramsey Park is encouraged.

The park project is estimated to cost $460,000 and the committee already had raised $380,000 by March. Business sponsors and continuing fundraising are needed to achieve the $80K balance.  As of the RNA Meeting, we had raised $47K of the $80K goal!  The committee welcomes volunteers interested in soliciting businesses. Neighbors are encouraged to ask their neighbors to support the project.  The committee now has PARD approval for a recognition program with paver and brick options which will be publicized in the upcoming newsletter.

The newsletter is coming.  Article subjects include the Ramsey Park renovation, city pool schedules, the upcoming 4th of July Carnival, Crestmont Park status, street repairs, Capitol Metro bus stop status on Burnet and Lamar, the Shoal Creek Conservancy and the Mo-Pac express lane project.  The deadline for submission is June 10th.  1300 copies will be distributed.

The split of Rosedale in the November city council election was discussed.  With the new 10-1 single-member districts, our hood is divided by 45th street into two different voting districts.  It was suggested that upcoming candidates be invited to address Rosedale and other adjacent neighborhood associations.

The meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM