RNA Meeting Minutes – 2014 November

The meeting began at 6:53 pm at the Yarborough Library. The meeting started with attendee introductions.

Election of 2015 Steering Committee
Karen started by thanking the 2014 Steering Committee members. She then presented the 2015 slate of Steering Committee Member nominations. The slate was unanimously approved.

2015 Steering Committee Officers:
Dale Gray, Co-President
Jeff Archer, Incoming Co-President 2016 and Immediate Past-Co-President.
Joyce Brown, Secretary
Karen McLinden, Treasurer

2015 Steering Committee At-Large Members:
Chris and Gina Allen
Vicki Almstrum
Alison Alter
Allison Beck
Jay Carpenter
John Burgess and Sarah Cunningham
Sunitha Downing
Scott Farnsworth
John Fruehe
Matt and Carolyn Haney
Mindy Marble
Kim Mosley
Dianne Holley Mountain
Ryan and Kelly Pirkl
Richard and Kim Relph

2015 Annual Dues
Kim collected dues which are due in November/December of each year for membership
the following year.

Ramsey Park Update
Jeff announced that the donations may surpass the initial goal. Funds not used toward the immediate renovations will still be earmarked for park projects, such as maintenance.

The party at Charlotte’s Fiesta Flowers was reported to be a fun and successful event. The play-scape area has been excavated and some sidewalk concrete has been poured. The fences will shift as the construction moves to different areas.

Zoning Update
Regarding CodeNext, Chris and Gina announced that the City had approved the “middle ground” option, Approach 2.

Regarding the Bull Creek Road redevelopment project, the City has opted out of purchasing the tract. Bids for the acreage will open to developers on Dec 3. The Land Commission and Governor will make the final decision on the purchase. HEB is still interested in being a part of the development.

There are seven neighborhoods represented in the Bull Creek Road Coalition (BCRC), including Rosedale.

Other state properties may soon join the Bull Creek property in redevelopment, including the State School at 35th and MOPAC.

The Rosedale Neighborhood Planning process is now scheduled to commence in 2015.

Other Updates
Vicki announced that John Fruehe is now co-moderator for the RNA email list.

Vicki also requested that the RNA By-Laws be revisited in 2015.

Karen said the Library had been reserved for RNA meetings on the 4th Monday of each month, except May (conflicting holiday) and July. We will need to plan other dates for the meetings in those months.