RNA Meeting Minutes – 2015 August

August 26, 2015 / Yarborough Library

Meeting was called to order at 6:50pm by Dale Gray.

Ryan Pirkl has yard signs advertising the monthly Rosedale NA meetings. If you would like one please contact him at rpirkl@gmail.com.

Alison, Ramsey Park Chair, gave an update. Thank you to Lamar Central, Highland Resources and Rogers-O’Brien Construction who helped place limestone blocks in the park. Phase 4 is in progress; new bleachers, picnic tables, adult fitness equipment, shade structures. Construction permit review process is underway. On November 7, Jeff Archer will lead a planting day to plant trees in the park. This is in keeping with one of the goals of establishing more shade. More than trees will be donated.

If you have purchased a paver please go online and complete your inscription request. Be sure to read the City’s guidelines.

Ramsey was chosen as an art in public places site. In October, the park will get a sculpture, entitled Mother Earth, created by artist Yuliya Lanina. For more info:

Chris reported that he had a meeting with the director of the archives library to discuss the fence. Neighbors had been hoping to reduce the profile. The director has agreed to a much more compact footprint for the fence. They are in process of discussing an access point for the pedestrian/bicycle bridge across the creek.

Grayson Cox, VP of BCRC (Bull Creek Road Coalition) presented the Alternative Vision plan for the property bounded by Bull Creek Rd, Shoal Creek, and 45th St. BCRC is a coalition of seven neighborhoods surrounding the 75 acres of land. BCRC was formed over three years ago in anticipation of the land being sold. Their function is to shape the development to something that is compatible with the needs of the adjacent neighborhoods. They have worked with Milestone in hopes of the developer incorporating the findings into their development plan. On 7/29 BCRC presented the Alternative Vision plan to Milestone with the idea that the plan will move the development plans along to a more productive dialogue.

Key elements of the Alternative Vision plan:

  • More defined park space that will be available to nearby residents as well as to the development
  • A “Great Lawn” area
  • Natural green space buffer between adjacent homes on Idlewild and 4th Street.
  • Alley access to homes on 45th
  • Less impervious cover
  • More flood control measures
  • More appropriately scaled 2 story homes across from existing homes
  • Pedestrian and bicycle access on 45th street rather than only auto access
  • Affordable housing interspersed throughout

These items address the neighbors concerns of excessive flooding, excessive traffic, desire for affordable housing, more open park space, and density that is more with that which is already present in the area.

Milestone’s response to this plan:


The goal of the Alternative Vision is to convey the neighbors’ concerns more accurately.
Grayson stated that Milestone has had a high level of communication with council members regarding pending approval of their Planned Utility Development permit, or PUD. This designation will allow Milestone to essentially create their own zoning for the site, which is currently not zoned.

What you can do:
Contact they mayor’s office and city council members. Tell them the neighborhood that you live in, and specifically what your concerns are regarding the development of this property. Your involvement is greatly encouraged; Milestone has a public relations team in place to influence city officials; the BCRC has our neighbors to speak up for what they believe is the best use of this land.

Grayson also encourages contacting the media so that our input will be known as well as Milestone’s.

Contact info:
To contact all city council members and the mayor:


Addresses for press contacts:
• Lilly Rockwell: lrockwell@statesman.com
• Jennifer Curington: jcurington@communityimpact.com
• Shonda Noval: snovak@statesman.com
• Michael King (Chronicle): king@austinchronicle.com

• Nick Barbaro (Chronicle publisher): nbarbaro@austinchronicle.com

Bull Creek Road Coalition: View the Alternative Vision here

Leslie Poole also spoke in favor of the Alternative Vision and encouraged all those with concerns to contact mayor and council members to make your thoughts known. She spoke of the upcoming plans to create a pedestrian/bicycle bridge across Shoal Creek adjacent to the Archives Building. She addressed the PUD issue, stating that a PUD is a benefit to the developer but that the resulting development be “superior” to that which would otherwise exist. She made the motion to postpone the ruling of the PUD until October.

Jason Meeker, spokesperson for Milestone, said that the developer has a meeting planned for Sept 23 with BCRC.

Taylor Smith, representative of Sherri Gallo’s office, also encouraged communication.

Dale closed the meeting by encouraging all sides to work towards a solution, as a drawn-out disagreement is not good for neighborhoods.