RNA Meeting Minutes – 2015 January

January 26, 2015

President Dale Gray called the meeting to order.

Ramsey Park Renovations
Alison Alter, chair of the Ramsey Park Renovations Committee, provided an update of the progress being made with the ongoing renovations despite recent weather and scheduling delays. The nature play equipment is onsite and is being installed. There will be an inspection after the play equipment is in place and then additional concrete and the play surface will be installed. At this time the goal is to have the work complete and the playground open by February 13th.

A formal ribbon cutting ceremony is tentatively scheduled for March 7th at 1:00 p.m. March 7th is the City Of Austin’s “My Park Day”. Volunteers are needed to organize a small party celebration following the ceremony. Elliott Naishtat , our state representative; Steve Adler, our mayor; Leslie Pool, District 7 Council Member; and Sherri Gallo, District 10 Council Member will all be invited and Rosedale neighbors and businesses are also encouraged to attend and participate in the festivities.

Alison asked for a volunteer to organize a workday (possibly on March 7th) to spread sand and dillo dirt fertilizer across the field in the northeast section of the park to help level the field and provide fertilizer to encourage grass growth. This field may need to be roped off for a short period of time so that grass can fill in the areas that are currently exposed dirt. Scott Burton volunteered to organize this workday, so please respond to Scott’s request for volunteers when this event is announced on the listserv.

Thanks to all of the Rosedale neighbors and businesses. The fundraising goal has been met and plans are underway to design parts of Phase 4 (bleachers renovation, water fountains and an adult fitness area). Possible renovation projects that might be looked at if money is available after Phase 4 would be cosmetic renovations of both the pavilion and swimming pool restrooms.

Pavers will be installed as one of the last parts of the renovation process and a space is being reserved for that walkway.

Dale expressed the RNA’s appreciation of the work that Alison and her committee have done on the park renovation.

Council Member Introductions
Leslie Pool, Council Member, District 7, thanked everyone for the support from the neighborhood. She explained the new committee structure being set up by the new council which should allow for more effective and timely public input as well as more time for deliberation and discussion by the council on important issues. She also announced her staff, their responsibilities and office procedures.

Taylor Smith, representative for Sherri Gallo, Council Member for District 10, also announced their staff members and the areas of city government that would be handled by each staff member.

Bull Creek Property Sale and Subsequent Development of that Property
Gina and Chris Allen announced that there is currently a survey online for all neighbors to provide input to the developer. Information about that survey can be found on the Rosedale Neighborhood Association website. There will also be another public input meeting on January 28th at 6:00 p.m. at Harris Hall at Westminster.

Neighborhood Planning
The City of Austin is several years into a neighborhood planning process in which the City of Austin staff works with designated neighborhood planning areas to study and update many aspects of city neighborhoods. The purpose of this process has evolved over the years since the city first began this planning endeavor. Gina and Chris Allen announced that the City of Austin still has Rosedale as part of a larger planning area scheduled to begin this planning process sometime in 2015, but no defined time period has been set by the city.

Code Next
Gina and Chris Allen also reported that Code Next is the process by which the City of Austin will update and revise the current cumbersome land development code. It is early in the process and there is a wealth of information about the process on the City of Austin website.

Additional Business
Alison Alter asked President Dale Gray to look into a committee that was to study adding business ads to the RNA newsletter as well as increasing its frequency of distribution.

Jay Carpenter reported that there are two City of Austin departments working on the footbridge over the Hancock branch of Shoal Creek. Watershed Protection has completed some work to reinforce the banks to slow the erosion happening there. Public Works is scheduled to rebuild or repair the cracked piers to make the bridge safe for pedestrians.