RNA Meeting Minutes—2015 June

June 22, 2015—President Dale Gray called the meeting to order. The agenda included:

  • Ramsey Park Renovation Update:
  • Variance Request: 4705 and 4707 Rosedale
  • Milestone Properties—The Grove at Shoal Creek Development
  • Affordable housing with several ownership options

Ramsey Park Renovation Update: Dale gave a brief update on renovations. Recent projects completed are:

  • cosmetic improvements (paint and new doors) for the pavilion have been completed
  • street signs have been added to the cycle track and a handrail has been installed on part of the sidewalk.

Variance Request:  Diane and Jim Howard, owners of 4705 and 4707 Rosedale, are seeking three variances from the Board of Adjustment so that they can rebuild the duplexes at those addresses. Mark Vornberg, their representative from Dick Clark and Assoc., provided information on the planned project and the three variances. The variances include:

  • Rebuild duplexes on lots smaller than 7000 sf
  • Keep impervious cover ratio of existing which is currently over the 45% maximum
  • Keep existing building layout with carport between buildings

Consensus after discussion was that RNA would express concern to the BOA about the impervious cover exceeding the maximum because of neighborhood flooding issues, but would concur with the BOA’s decision on the variances. There was discussion with the Howards about adding sidewalks that would provide safe pedestrian connectivity to the Rosedale Village and about investigating participation of their tenants in a Residential Parking Permit district for the 4700 block if other neighbors decided to seek RPP for relief from the commercial parking overflow from Rosedale Village.

Milestone Properties—The Grove at Shoal Creek Development: 

Gina Allen gave a report about the Planned Unit Development (PUD) that is being submitted for that development. The Bull Creek Road coalition, which consists of representatives from seven surrounding neighborhoods, has compiled some questions and concerns about the PUD. The three main areas that are being discussed are: Traffic estimates of over 24,000 trips per day on a neighborhood collector street 75% impervious cover and a need for more, reconfigured green space.

Affordable housing with several ownership options:

Jason Meeker, representative for Milestone Properties was at the meeting and much discussion followed related to these issues. Jason did announce that there would be a public meeting to unveil the new Masterplan and allow for public comment on July 9 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Smith Auditorium at Congregation Beth Israel, 3901 Shoal Creek Blvd. The meeting ended at 8:45 p.m.