RNA Meeting Minutes – 2015 March

March 23, 2015 – President Dale Gray called the meeting to order.

Introduction of Speakers from Austin Code Department
Tammy Lewis, City of Austin Code Inspector, and John Hale, City of Austin Code Investigator, were introduced and a presentation about the Austin Code Department followed the introductions. The top five residential code violations that the department investigates are:
High weeds and grass, work without a permit, trash and debris, unsanitary conditions and exterior wall problems.

There was also a discussion about the code requirements in regards to trash carts, recycling carts and leaf bags / cans. Those carts and bags are supposed to be placed at the curb after 8:00 p.m. on the day before pick-up and returned to their storage area before 10:00 p.m. on the day of pick-up.

All calls and questions about anything related to code compliance issues should be initiated through 311.

Variance Request
Mac Ragsdale presented information about his plans for the property at 1407 W. 40th Street. The home at that address was built in 1921 before Rosedale became a subdivision and there are several large protected oaks on the 11,000 sq. ft. lot.

Mac wishes to preserve the original 1921 era house with some improvements and construct an additional attached single-family home on the site rather than a duplex. The City is requiring Mac to submit a subdivision application to plat the property in accordance with Section 25-4-233, SINGLE-FAMILY ATTACHED RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION, of the City of Austin Land Development Code. Mac is seeking a waiver/variance from Section 25-4-233 (B) (2), which requires the site to be vacant before subdividing, so that the existing house can be retained.

It’s My Park Day
Dale thanked Scott Burton for organizing the workday to spread compost and mulch on the field in the northwest corner of the park as a part of Austin’s It’s My Park Day. Many volunteers came out to help with this project and with the recent rains, turf condition has been improved.

He also thanked Alison Alter for organizing the formal ribbon cutting event officially opening the renovated playground. Steve Adler, City of Austin mayor; Leslie Pool, Council Member District 7 and staff from Sheri Gallo’s, Council Member District 10 office, State Representative Elliott Naishtat as well as representatives from several city departments were in attendance. Many thanks were also extended to the neighbors who participated.

New Listserv Monitors
Karen McLinden and Denise Ketcham are the new listserv moderators. Many thanks were offered to Scott Farnsworth for his past long time service as a listserv moderator.

Meeting Notice Signs
A suggestion had been made to have the RNA purchase / make some reusable signs to post throughout the neighborhood with information about RNA meeting days, time and place. Dale will follow-up on this with the neighbor who made the suggestion.

39th Street Closure
39th Street between Lamar and Medical Parkway will be closed for a short period of time due to construction on Lamar Central.

ANC Resolution Regarding Flood Mitigation
Dianne Mountain presented an Austin Neighborhood Council resolution regarding flood mitigation. This resolution asks that City Council appropriate sufficient funds to address various flood mitigation issues throughout the city as needed and eliminate variances for increased impervious cover. Rosedale has benefited from stormwater upgrades in the past, which has helped lessen/eliminate flooding issues within our neighborhood.

Dianne made a motion that RNA vote in favor of the resolution and Chris Allen seconded that motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Bull Creek Development
Gina Allen gave a report from a meeting of surrounding neighborhoods and developer, MileStone Properties, at which the developer presented preliminary plans for the site. It will be a mixed-use site with single-family residential, townhomes, office, retail and a limited amount of green space. At this time there are no plans for pedestrian accessibility from Rosedale. A public meeting will be held in April, where the plan will be presented and the public will be able to give input. This meeting will be announced on the RNA listserv.

Big thanks to Joyce Brown for taking the minutes for this meeting.