RNA Meeting Minutes – 2015 October

Rosedale Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes – October 26, 2015


Call to Order

President Dale Gray called the meeting to order at 6:50 p.m.

Constable (Southwest Travis County)

Sally Hernandez, Travis County Constable, introduced herself and announced that she was considering running for Travis County Sheriff.

Local Noise Issues

Jeff Archer reported that several neighbors were aware of recurring noise issues from two commercial air handlers near the neighborhood. The Heart Hospital at Central Market and the HHSC building at the southeast corner of N. Lamar and 45th St. are the main source of the complaints. Residents may call 311 to report complaints.

Tom Benjamin suggested that an ad hoc committee be formed with the following objectives:

  • Involve other neighborhoods in the discussion for seeking a solution to the noise issues
  • Focus on dealing with tonal noise
  • Work with governmental bodies that have control over these issues

Ramsey Park Tree Planting

Jeff Archer announced that there would be a tree planting in Ramsey Park on November 7th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. About 30 volunteers will be needed to dig holes and plant the trees. There will also be mulch available to mulch the trees and spread over the ground in the picnic table area.

There will be a breakfast break with breakfast tacos and juice for all of the volunteers. There will also be a special presentation mid-morning to meet the creator of “Earth Mother”. Eyuliya Lanina will be available to share her work with the community.

Additional Note: This tree planting and art celebration was postponed until November 21st because of weather and soil conditions.

Ramsey Park Updates

Alison Alter gave the following updates.

  • The adult fitness equipment has been ordered
  • Paver inscription information is now due
  • New bleachers have been ordered and will be installed
  • A new shade structure will be installed over the nature play area

Alison also announced that there would be a pedestrian crossing area at 42nd St and Medical Parkway. However, there will not be a flashing light at this crossing.

Zoning Cases:

Chris Allen gave a brief update on the variance request for 1403 W. 45th Street. The owner is seeking to build a two-story house on a substandard size lot of 2100 sq. ft. Variances will be requested for lot size, use of lot and setbacks. This request that has been previously presented and discussed. Some neighbors had concerns about the variances and were encouraged to fill submit their comments to the Board of Adjustments. Chris Allen made a motion for the RNA to take a neutral position on the variance request. Jeff Archer seconded the motion. All steering committee members in attendance agreed with the motion.

The homeowners at 4217 Shoal Creek Blvd were available to provide information about the variance they are se eking to build out attic space to add livable square footage to their existing home. They are seeking a variance to close in part of their front porch to make space for the location of the stairs. The variance would allow them to use space above the 50% threshold and exceed their FAR. Chris Allen made a motion for RNA to support the variance since it is in the spirit of the McMansion ordinance. Jeff Archer seconded the motion. All steering committee members in attendance agreed with the motion.

Slate of Officers for the 2016 RNA Steering Committee

Jeff Archer presented the following slate to be voted on at the November RNA meeting:


  • Jeff Archer and Dale Gray, Co-Presidents
  • Joyce Brown, Secretary
  • Karen McLinden , Treasurer

Members At Large:

  • Chris and Gina Allen
  • Vicki Almstrum
  • Alison Alter
  • Alison Beck
  • Mark Brown
  • Jay Carpenter
  • Sunitha Downing
  • Mindy Marble
  • Kim Mosely
  • Scott Farnsworth
  • Diane Holley Mountain
  • Ryan & Kelly Pirkl
  • Richard & Kim Relph

There was a discussion about recruiting more neighbors to join in RNA committees, about by-law updates and about considering different options to get information to neighbors and allowing neighbors to give feedback to the Steering Committee

Additional Zoning Updates

Gina Allen reported that the City Council would be voting on a moratorium on STR 2 Commercial uses at its November 12th meeting. Also at that meeting, the Parkland Dedication Ordinance Council is on the agenda. This ordinance would increase the acreage and developer fees to keep parks ratio in new developments at 9.4 acres per 1000. The Council is also considering allowing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on lots that are 5700 sq ft and zoned SF2 or SF3.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.