RNA Meeting Minutes – 2016 February

Rosedale Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2016


Call to Order

Co-President Jeff Archer called the meeting to order.

State Representative House District 49 Candidate

Gina Hinojosa, current AISD Board of Trustees member, introduced herself and gave a brief overview of her candidacy for State Representative House District 49.

Smart Trips Program

Smart Trips Austin is an active transportation encouragement program that aims to improve health and manage congestion by increasing walking, biking and public transit use to access work sites, schools, recreation, shopping and medical facilities.

The area of Central Austin located south of R.R. 2222 (Koenig), north of 38th Street, west of IH 35 and east of MoPac has been chosen as one of the priority communities for this endeavor sponsored by the City of Austin and Cap Metro.

Laura Dierenfield from the City of Austin and a representative from Cap Metro briefly explained the program since Rosedale is included in the priority community. The primary goal is to reduce single occupant vehicle trips by providing the residents of the area with the sustainable and active options for getting around Austin.

Households in the priority communities will be mailed more information about the smart trips program sometime in late spring or early summer. More information is available at: austintexas.gov/smarttrips

Board of Adjustments Variance Request

Lynn Ann Carley, 1200 W. 39 ½ St is requesting a variance from the BOA to correct a surveying error made over 60 years ago that puts the front of her house less than 25’ from the front property line.

Chris and Gina Allen also reported that the new senior retirement living center “The Village at Triangle Park” in the Triangle will be requesting variances at the BOA for setbacks and impervious cover.

Ramsey Park Events

Jeff Archer announced that Ramsey Park trees are scheduled to be mulched as part of the citywide It’s My Park Day event on March 5th from 9 am to 1 pm. Neighbors are encouraged to volunteer to help. Volunteers are encouraged to bring wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes.

Jeff also reported that the Shakespeare troupe, Something for Nothing Theater, will perform The Winter’s Tale at Ramsey Park in June. Auditions and rehearsals will begin soon.

Ramsey Park Updates
Alison Alter gave the following updates.

  • The paver inscriptions have been submitted for city approval and installation will begin when that process is complete.
  • The committee is working on the installation of the permanent border for the adult fitness area.
  • Large trees for more instant shade will soon be planted and irrigated. These trees will be placed on the west side of the basketball court and between the two playgrounds.
  • A mural will be explored for the pavilion if an interested neighbor volunteer is found to lead that endeavor.
  • Shade for the sandbox area is being discussed.

Jeff and all present offered sincere thanks to Alison Alter, Erika Brown, Karen McLinden and Mindy Marble for all of their work on the successful renovation of Ramsey Park.

The Grove at Shoal Creek Development

Chris and Gina Allen reported that a facilitated meeting between the BCRC and Milestone had taken place, but no progress had been made in that meeting. The PUD review process is continuing through the city departments and Chris and Gina will reschedule a meeting with city staff to discuss the PUD’s progress through the development process when staff recommendations and concerns are available.

Much discussion with questions and answers about the PUD process then followed.


On Saturday, March 5th, 9 am – 2 pm, organic and heirloom vegetable starts and herbs will be available at the Sunshine Community Gardens Plant Sale. More information about the sale and festival is available at: www.sunshinecommunitygardens.org


The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.