RNA Meeting Minutes – 2016 March

Rosedale Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
March 28, 2016


Call to Order

Co-President Jeff Archer called the meeting to order.


Jeff announced that Bike Austin, a city-wide advocacy group that seeks support for fully funding Austin’s Bicycle Master Plan and all high-priority sidewalks in the Sidewalk Master Plan, will give a presentation at the April RNA meeting.

BCRC / The Grove at Shoal Creek Development

Chris Allen reported that he and Gina had recently learned that senior management representatives from the City of Austin Development Services and Planning Departments had met with Jeff Howard from Milestone to negotiate an end to the transportation review process for the Grove at Shoal Creek PUD. Based on the information that Chris and Gina received it appears that the transportation review being conducted by city staff, even though it was incomplete, was brought to a close. It was also their understanding that all remaining reviews such as zoning and environmental would also be terminated.

Council Member Leslie Pool was in attendance and she is currently looking into how this public review process was halted and how the Grove PUD will proceed to city commissions and citycouncil.

Also, at the above-mentioned meeting between senior management representatives from the city and Milestone representatives, there was reportedly an agreement that a single family home at 2627 W 45th St (now owned by Milestone) would be removed and replaced with street access to the development.

There was much discussion with questions and answers about the road intersection improvements at 45th and Bull Creek, the pedestrian bridge over Shoal Creek, and future BCRC actions. Many graphics showing comparisons with other developments and the Grove development, including traffic counts, density, and transit availability, will be available on the RNA listserv and on the BCRC Facebook page.

RNA has hired a traffic consultant but no decision has been made relating to how funds will be raised for this expense.

Jeff and neighbors present offered sincere thanks to Chris and Gina Allen and Council Member Leslie Pool for their work on the neighbor’s behalf in regard to BCRC and the Grove PUD process.

HVAC Noise Status

Tom Benjamin has been collecting information about some ongoing HVAC noise problems that affect Rosedale neighbors. The most offensive sites include:

  • Temporary HVAC system behind the Jefferson Building;
  • Unenclosed HVAC unit at Lamar Central (38th and N Lamar);
  • Roof mounted AC units on 26 Doors;
  • Roof mounted unit at Temple Beth Israel; and
  • The HVAC system at the HHSC building at 45th and Lamar.

Tom encouraged anyone bothered by the HVAC noise to keep a dated log of what they have heard and observed. Tom is also planning to contact City Council members to inform them of a need for a noise ordinance code amendment that would address pure tone noise. He will also ask the city council members’ help with expediting a permit application for the Jefferson Building to replace its temporary HVAC unit that is the source of an ongoing whine.


The meeting was adjourned.