RNA Meeting Minutes – 2016 Sept

Rosedale Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes—September 26, 2016

Call to Order

Co-President Jeff Archer called the meeting to order.

Bike Austin
Jeff explained that Bike Austin is a group that advocates for improvements to bike and pedestrian mobility in Austin. They are currently in contact with Jeff about a proposal for improvements to the bike and pedestrian movement on Shoal Creek Boulevard.

RNA Nomination Committee
Jeff reported that the nomination committee will soon begin work on the 2017 slate of officers and steering committee members. The general meeting at which officers will be elected will be held on Monday, November 28, 2016.

Zoning Committee Report
Chris Allen explained two Board of Adjustment cases that are currently scheduled for a hearing. A home at 45th and Marathon and one at 45th and Ramsey are both located on lots that were illegally subdivided. Variances are being sought to alleviate problems caused by those subdivisions.

A zoning case is also active at 2401 Hancock. The owner is seeking to change the zoning to be able to conduct a real estate business on property that is currently zoned Single Family residential.

The Grove at Shoal Creek Development
Chris Allen and City Council member Leslie Pool gave an update of the Grove PUD.

The City Council began a public hearing on the Grove PUD very late in the evening on September 22nd. Because of the length of the council’s discussion and the volume of public testimony on the matter, the City Council voted to continue the public process on October 20th. The goal of the continuing the public hearing was to give all parties time to adequately discuss the PUD.

Leslie Pool said that Mayor Steve Adler has requested that all speakers at the October 20th meeting limit their comments to the changes and amendments proposed by council members to the PUD.

City Council backup materials and amendments proposed by Council Members Leslie Pool and Sherri Gallo are publicly posted:

Links to City Council backup materials:

Link to Pool’s Amendments:

Link to Gallo’s Amendments:

Chris Allen presented part of a report by the Austin American Statesman that stated that 215 residents had signed up in opposition to the PUD at the September 22nd hearing and 74 had signed up in support.

The meeting was adjourned.