Rosedale Neighborhood Association Minutes April 24 2017

Call to Order
Dale Gray called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

Zoning Request 2401 Hancock
Amanda Swor, representing owners Mark and Christy Strüb, presented a request for rezoning from SF3 to NO-MU on their rental property at 2401 Hancock. The Strübs want to relocate their real estate office from Marathon to this location. The office will have two staff members in addition to the Strübs. All agent meetings will be conducted off-site. Under the site plan, four parking spaces are required and would be provided.

The application was filed in January 2017 and the first Zoning and Platting hearing is scheduled for May 16. The applicants’ position is that allowed uses under NO (Neighborhood Office) are very restrictive commercial uses and the MU overlay would allow the property to continue to be used for residential purposes.

They have requested statements of support from various neighbors but have not gotten one from the closest residential neighbor. No vote was taken on the issue at the meeting pending receipt of further information from the applicants’ representative.

Sidewalks in Rosedale
John Eastman, City of Austin Public Works, Sidewalks and Special Projects Division, discussed the June 2016 Master Plan for sidewalks. The goal of the plan is to have sidewalks installed within ¼ mile of schools, near transit stops and near parks. The 2016 Mobility Bonds included sidewalk funds. In addition there is some flexible money that could be used for sidewalks. The speaker passed out a map that shows the sidewalk priorities in Rosedale. Many streets in the neighborhood have high priority but there is not enough funding for all of them. Generally, only one side of the street will have a sidewalk. He suggested that the neighborhood determine their highest priorities. The stretch of 45th Street between Burnet Road and Shoal Creek is a high priority for a sidewalk as well as a pedestrian hybrid beacon crosswalk on 45th either at Sinclair or Ramsey. Councilmember Pool indicated some funds were coming available for protected bike lanes and safe routes to school.

July 4 Carnival
Mindy Marble introduced Rachel Gray who is assuming responsibility for organizing the July 4 carnival and related activities. She is asking for volunteers to help with certain areas, including recruiting volunteers, planning the parade/watermelon/balloon toss, gathering supplies for carnival activities, etc. Please email Rachel at

The Grove and BCRC
Nick and Megan Zappitelli discussed park planning for The Grove. The plan is in the hands of City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department. May 30 is the third and last meeting to finalize concepts. It will be held at Bryker Woods Elementary School. Results of recent meetings can be found at

The BCRC met last week. The bridge design (over Shoal Creek) will be incorporated into the PARD design. A traffic mitigation draft has been issued by the City of Austin. It will include speed cushions, traffic circles and two hybrid beacons on Bull Creek Rd.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.