The RNA Steering Committee

The RNA Steering Committee is a volunteer group led by the RNA Officers and organized into subcommittees covering the various types of work the RNA does in support of the Rosedale Neighborhood. Members are elected annually and are nominated based on their involvement in neighborhood activities.

Although this group is elected by the neighborhood as required by the Rosedale Neighborhood Association’s by-laws, anyone interested in volunteering their time and effort to neighborhood activities is welcome to become involved with the various subcommittees and other volunteer opportunities. More volunteers help spread the workload and allow the neighborhood to accomplish more as a group.


The steering committee meets at least every other month. Join one of the forums (mailing list or Facebook page) to receive announcements of meetings. There is also a  page with the minutes of previous RNA meetings.

2023 Steering Committee Members (
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Steering Committee Officers
Jeff Archer, Co-President (
Carl Reynolds, Co-President (
Kim Relph, Treasurer (

Steering Committee Members
Vicki Almstrum
Yoed Anise
Jay Carpenter
Sunitha Downing
Dauphin Ewart
Matt Haney
William Hudson
Bee Moorhead
Robert Moorhead
Kim Mosley
Dianne Holley Mountain
Kelly Pirkl
Ryan Pirkl
Mac Ragsdale
Richard Relph
Christine Sweeney
Kasandra Valentine

Past steering committees