Rosedale Traffic Calming

Rosedale Traffic Calming – Second Informal Online Survey

About the Survey

The Rosedale Traffic Calming Working Group has a second draft for proposed traffic calming in Rosedale and would to like get the opinions of Rosedale residents. The survey (link below) is the second informal online survey. The results are not binding, but will guide the Working Group toward formulating a plan that is acceptable to a substantial majority of Rosedale residents.

This informal survey will be accessible to Rosedale residents and property owners from
Friday, February 27, 2009 through Friday, March 6, 2009.

After we feel we have an acceptable plan, we will have an open house to show Rosedalians the “final” plan and answer questions. Subsequently, there will be a formal paper ballot which will be an up or down vote for the entire plan. These ballots will be mailed to all Rosedale residents and property owners.

About the Second Draft

The Second Draft includes speed cushions placed approximately every 400 ft on the following streets:

  • Woodview Ave from Shoal Creek Blvd to 49th St (approximately 2 cushions)
  • 49th St from Woodview Ave to Burnet Rd (approximately 4 cushions).
  • Lynnwood from 49th to Hancock (approximately 2 cushions)
  • Maybelle – 4400 block (approximately 1 cushion)
  • Bellview – 4400 block (approximately 1 cushion)
  • 44th St – 1200 block (approximately 1 cushion)
  • 39 1/2 St from Medical Pkwy to Shoal Creek Blvd (approximately 5 cushions).
  • 40th St from Medical Pkwy to Shoal Creek Blvd (approximately 5 cushions).
  • Bailey Ln between 38th St and 39th St and on 39th St from Bailey Ln to Medical Pkwy (approximately 3 cushions total).

a traffic circle at the following intersections:

  • Rosedale and 46th St
  • Marathon and 44th St
  • 3-way intersection of Bailey Ln and 39th St

and curb extensions at the following intersection:

  • Rosedale and 47th St

Map of Proposed Traffic Calming, Second Draft


Survey Instructions

It is very important that Rosedale survey-takers are as informed as possible regarding traffic data for Rosedale and the tools the City of Austin provides to help mitigate the effects of traffic in our neighborhood. This traffic calming project is a one-time opportunity for Rosedale. If we do not take advantage of this opportunity now, we will step to the “back of the line” as the City of Austin moves on to other neighborhoods. If you do not feel relatively knowledgeable about the Rosedale Traffic Calming Project 2008-9, please go to the Rosedale Traffic page and read about it.