Ramsey Park

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west-park-signRamsey Park lies at the heart of the Rosedale neighborhood, in the block bordered by 42rd Street, Rosedale Avenue, 44th Street, and Burnet Road. It is in the jurisdiction of the Austin Parks and Recreation Department. The park offers a swimming pool (open during the summer months), tennis courts, a toddler playground as well as a regular playground, a basketball court, a baseball diamond, and picnic areas with barbecue facilities. The schedule for the Ramsey Park swimming pool is generally from early June to late August, during the AISD summer vacation; times are scheduled for lap swimming, swimming lessons, and recreational swimming. Alcohol is prohibited in Ramsey Park.

The history of Ramsey park is a colorful one that has been well documented at the charlottes-web.com site.

Park satellite image

Satellite image of Ramsey Park

Where and what is Ramsey Park?
Ramsey Park, with the official address 4301 N. Rosedale Ave., Austin, TX, 78756, is a gem in the midst of our Rosedale neighborhood.

Click on the image at the left to see a larger version. Yelp has reviews of the park. The City of Austin site has information about the hours for the park’s pool.

This five-acre park, which can not be reserved, has two barbecue pits, two basketball courts, a multipurpose field, several picnic tables, a playground with equipment for both toddlers and older children, and two tennis courts. The park also has a small shelter, which includes public restrooms and a covered area that can serve as a stage, a play area, or a gathering place. The southeast corner of the park features Ramsey Pool, a favorite spot for cooling down and socializing during the summer.

The Rosedale Neighborhood Association (RNA) regards Ramsey Park as a key feature of the neighborhood and thus fosters on-going attention to the features of the park in order to ensure it serves present and future residents well. For example:

In 2004, an Eagle Boy Scout project introduced landscaping, benches, and picnic tables in the area around the pool, both inside of and outside of the pool’s enclosing fence.

In 2007, Rosedale residents planted about two dozen new trees throughout Ramsey Park in collaboration with TreeFolks and the City of Austin Forestry Department.

The profile page of Ramsey Park by the City of Austin provides additional information. The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department’s Aquatics Division annual schedule includes the Ramsey Pool schedule.

Ramsey Park Revitalization Project

The project to improve Ramsey Park is the result of a remarkable and unprecedented partnership between the Rosedale neighborhood and the City of Austin.  A group of caring, concerned citizens made up of your friends and neighbors have been working with the City of Austin for more than two years to develop a Master Plan in order to undertake major renovations at Ramsey Park.  Planned improvements include laying new pathways, resurfacing the tennis courts, covering the basketball court, integrating a natural play area, adding climbing equipment, installing new picnic tables, creating an amphitheater and more.
Our vision is to transform Ramsey Park into a place where the community can play, gather, and grow together as never before.

Project Goals
After soliciting input and ideas from park users at public meetings and via email, the Ramsey Park Renovation Committee identified seven goals for the Master Plan:

  1. To offer a multi-generational place to play and relax
  2. To serve as a neighborhood retreat from the heat
  3. To preserve the park’s open spaces
  4. To maintain and enhance the access to nature the park provides residents
  5. To increase opportunities for the community to gather on a regular basis
  6. To enhance multipurpose and year-round use of different spaces around the park
  7. To renovate existing infrastructure, install desired new infrastructure, and adopt park rules consistent with the first six broad goals

Timeline and Costs
The project will be implemented in four phases, which you can read more about at the We Love Ramsey Park website. Construction on Phase I will commence in Spring 2014. The total cost for all four phases is $460,00.00.  As of March 1, 2014, we have raised $379,000.00. In order to complete the project, we need to raise an additional $80,000.00. Make your donation today!

A huge thanks go out to all those who have and will donate to help make this dream a reality and to all of the people who have given their time on this exciting project.